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Bryan MacUpdateTypinator is a MacUpdate favorite...

"Typinator is one of those apps that I talk about to my non-tech friends. All of us at MacUpdate use it without fail for coding, content editing, technical support, and internal and external communications. It is lightweight and reliable, and the new feature that allows users to share ‘.tysets’ has opened up even more possibilities for how we use this powerful utility at MacUpdate.
I cannot emphasize enough how different (and terrible) my work would be without this app!"

- Bryan, MacUpdate Editor and Consummate Nice Guy


Don't believe us! Read what others say about us.

MacWorld MacWorld:

Typinator received four out of five mice in its latest Macworld review.

MacUpdate (Wilma Keppel, writer, USA):

MacUpdate"One of the most useful programs for the Mac. I switched from TypeIt4Me, and now use Typinator all day, every day. I use this program hundreds of times a day. It's a HUGE time-saver. It will reduce your spelling errors, speed up your typing, and can make your life a lot easier. Having tried TypeIt4Me and SpellCatcher, I recommend Typinator."

Video Review at YouTube by Jeremy Lester:

"I love this application - this is another one of my favorite applications without a doubt. If you're looking to save time in your day to day typing, looking to misspell less words when talking to friends and looking for a helpful application that doesn't use up a lot of screen real estate, this is perfect for you."

Entrepreneurial Life: 

"I tried several competing products. This is why I chose Typinator:

  • Typinator was the snappiest and most reliable.
  • Typinator allows scoping per application.
  • Typinator seems to actually do typing automation instead of paste automation, an important difference that makes it work better with Emacs than several of the others.
  • Typinator was lean enough, and leaner than several of the others, on resource usage.
  • Typinator runs headless.
  • I prefer Typinator’s interface for efficiency and workflow reasons.
  • Typinator’s UI makes it easy to define expansions and organize them quickly."

If you like automation, you’ll likely enjoy Typinator."


"Get this product. I'm hooked, and still wondering how I got along without it for so many years. There have been products like this in the past, of course - but this one is rock solid, with the options that others I've tried have not offered, lurks quietly within reach, and behaves exactly as advertised - and perfectly.

The company itself is great to deal with - highly responsive and helpful, without fail. I use several of their products and the ergonis teams deliver every single time. Period.

So - pay for this product and break free of the little demo limit, so you can use it for all it's got."

Marcel Dufresne, MaUsE DoubleClick, Ontario, Canada

Marcel reviewed PopChar X, Typinator, and KeyCue for his Mac user group. Read the full review and "see why I have been using them for such a long time and could not do without."


Matt Neuburg writes in his review in TidBITS on 21-June-05:

TidBits"... As usual with Ergonis's products, simplicity and reliability are the watchwords. Like PopChar, Typinator can enter characters from throughout the Unicode repertoire; and like PopChar, it seems to work just about anywhere ..."


"With Typinator, the developers of Ergonis once again demonstrate what makes good software. The program meets all expectations and acts unobtrusively in the background. Typinator is very easy to use, and the savings of work and time are enormous. Whoever has to frequently type business letters or other texts must love Typinator." (Review in German)


TidBitsMatt Neuburg writes in his review about Typinator 2 in TidBITS on 11-June-07:

"... Of all the utilities I've tried for doing this, Ergonis Software's Typinator remains the simplest and most reliable. The interface is clear, and there are just enough options to make Typinator powerful and flexible without sacrificing clarity and ease of use. ..."


"It took me about 10 seconds to decide to buy this product. If you type the same phrases over and over again in e-mails or other documents, you will save an enormous amount of time with Typinator."


"Given the price and the things that Typinator can achieve, we feel that it is best option amongst the offerings available in the Mac OS X marketplace."

Jim Cole
Jacksonville, FL:

"I've tried many others, and Typinator easily rises to 'best in class.' If you're looking for an abbreviation expansion-typo-correction utility for the Mac, you don't have to look any further than Ergonis Software's Typinator. It's, simplicity, intuitive interface and robust capabilities make it a 'Mac Essential'. Like its companions in Ergonis' Productivity Bundle, PopChar X and KeyCue, Typinator is exquisitely designed, lean and unburdened by the seldom utilized 'bells and whistles' that adorn its competitors."


"I've only tried it for a few hours but it is MUCH faster than TypeIt4Me."


"Up until recently I had been using TypeIt4Me. Typinator just blows it away. Simple, easy to use, effective and damn its fast. Highly recommend this product to anyone."

MacUpdate (Monty Lewis, graphic designer, Gloucester, MA, USA):

MacUpdate"Powerful and elegant. This latest version makes it the leader in this category. It's fast, it's got really nice tools to build your expansions with and the new features in regards to the expansion dialogs are great. I've contacted support several times to get help with some of the more advanced features and have always heard back quickly and the help has been thorough. Can't recommend this any more highly, especially this new 7.0 release."

IT Enquirer

Typinator received one of IT Enquirer's 2014 Editor Choice awards.

Editors Choice award

"Typinator is vital when you write a lot. Version 6 makes it even more indispensable."

"To call Typinator a text expander is undervaluing this must-have application for anyone who deals with content on a daily basis — any content, not just text."

Tucows Tucows:

Typinator received the highest possible rating "Five Cows" from TUCOWS.

MacRecon (10/10):

"Final thoughts: To sum it up, Typinator is a must-have. It’s a perfect addition to your Mac and great work enhancer — definitely worth its price. As a side-note, I’m happy to announce that my email answering days are bound to be done much quicker.

Limitations: No matter how hard I looked, or how many times I circled around it, I found none — Typinator works as expected from it."


"This product is wonderful! It took me less than a half hour to decide that this is one of those little programs that will become one of my all time favorites.

I followed the simple tutorial in the read me file and was instantly able to create a multitude of shortcuts for all those items that are so tedious to type ten times a day.

Congratulations and thank you to the program creators! My advice - buy it, the price is right and you'll be glad you did."

Softonic Softonic: 

"Simple to use and great to store all sorts of abbreviations, Typinator will save you loads of time when typing up documents." 

"If I sum-up the time that I can save with Typinator, I am sure that there will be time for one or another additional round of golf." (Review in German)

User testimonials

Bill Thayer, Chicago, IL, USA:

Time savings

"A shout-out to Ergonis for saving me – so far – nearly 52 forty-hour weeks, or four entire months of 16-hour days of my life!"

Dario B, Cork, Ireland:

"As a former TextExpander user, I switched to Typinator and I couldn’t be happier with the switch. I wouldn’t consider myself a power user, but Typinator never failed on me, while Textexpander had few issues and unpredictability."

Bruce Codding, Redwood City, CA, USA:

"Just purchased Typinator after being unsatisfied with TextExpander, aText, and TypeIt4Me. I have more than two dozen snippets, several of which contain input variables. Typinator was the only app that handled input variables accurately and consistently. Congratulations on producing an excellent product. Well worth the price in reduced keyboarding time and accuracy."

Courtney Cater, Austin, TX, USA:

"Aside from Safari and Mail, Typinator is the most frequently used program on my Mac. Thank you for the great products."

Jim White (winemaker, writer), Napa, CA, USA:

"I would be unable to reply to the 300 emails I answer daily without a smart expansion program like Typinator, which helps speed my personal replies. I type "tfyn" and the words "Thanks for your note" splash into the email template. I love the way Typinator works, and the way it syncs with my laptop via Dropbox – a match made in heaven!"

Lapides (author, comedian, teacher, columnist), Los Angeles, CA, USA:

"I'm a comedian, author, speaker and teacher with the usual neck/shoulder/hand keyboard user complaints. I was especially tired of typing the title of my column My Other Car Is A Yoga Mat and my book/show "100% Happy 88% of the Time". Now Typinator types these, and lots of other things, for me and I am "100% Happy 89% of the Time"!

Russ Phillips (public records advocate), Seattle, WA, USA:

"I have been using Typinator for over a year now and have been so impressed with the ease of use and the ability to create my own shortcuts. I have been involved in a lawsuit and citing the different case law titles is normally a pain. With Typinator I was able to only type the long case law titles once and then assign my own personal short cut to pull the entire title up when I need it. You control what programs it works with, so the possibilities are endless. The support staff was great when I needed some help. All in all, a great program and worth every penny!"

Art Allen, Stuart, IA, USA:

"Super software. Simple to use. Reasonably priced. Saves me time in little chunks that add up to a more pleasurable computing experience. The Ergonis Productivity Bundle multiplies that pleasure times three."

Bill Kirkpatrick (Professor of Communication), Granville, Ohio, USA:

"I had used a competing product for years and only discovered Typinator after I ran into a problem with that other text expansion program. Now that I've begun using it, I see that I can do much, much more with Typinator than I could with the other. For example, I really appreciate having detailed control over how each entry expands, how it capitalizes, etc.  Typinator is also significantly more elegant - it just feels and works better. Thank you so much for this excellent software!"

Ron Watson (President, American Press Association), Boston, MA. USA:

"You have a 'must have' program for anyone who wants to expedite their tedious repetitious messages, or needs to send multiple emails with the same message, personalized for that individual recipient, without having to retype the body of the message over and over. The more I use the program, the more uses I find for it. As president of The American Press Association I find your product invaluable and recommend it to all my journalists, in the field or in our home office."

Steve Savery, Bristol, United Kingdom:

"This is without a doubt my most productive of productivity software that I own. I use it every day and it saves me oodles of time keying in formulas and auto-correcting my mistakes. If you do lots of coding, writing, or just prefer to have your computer correct your mistakes automatically rather than spell-check, this is a must-have app. Superb utility, excellently implemented.=

Gregory Barton (Digital Marketing and Advertising), Washington DC, USA:

"This is one of the best programs, not just utilities, I've purchased. Soooo amazingly helpful to have a cache of prewritten paragraphs, letters, code, emails, etc. I can't rave enough, especially in a time when even the most tepid of 'apps' are making huge claims they can't keep. This program under promises and over delivers."

Michael Cavalieri (FileMaker developer, Soliant Consulting), Chicago, IL, USA

"I just wanted to drop a quick note and say I LOVE YOUR APP. I am a FileMaker Developer, and regular computer-junkie, and I don't think Typinator gets its fair share of press. TextExpander, TypeIt4Me: too expensive and clumsy. I love how Typinator is simple, unobtrusive and works!"

Hans Trygve Jensen (web designer) Grimstad, Norway:

"First Mac software ever that convinced me to register after a trial period of 5 minutes. Good job!"

Pierre Igot (translator), Canada:

Time savings

"These days, the main reason why I enjoying tinkering with my computer setup is because of software like Typinator.

THIS is the kind of software that gives real meaning to PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVEMENT. Apple, Microsoft, etc. are mostly the opposite."

Andre Pinheiro, Lisboa, Portugal:

"Thank you very much for Typinator! Obsessive as I am, I tried all text expanders for Mac under the sun, and I've chosen Typinator. For MANY good reasons. Thank you for all your attention to detail, and for being a perfect software company in constantly updating your products. After many years, still a faithful Typinator user."

Dominique Hort, CH, Comano, Switzerland:

"I am a doctor from Switzerland and I am immensely grateful for the Typinator app, which allows me to write reports and clinical notes with such saving of time and energy. A super smart app that really makes a huge difference, the less time I spend typing the more I spend with my patients. That says it all!

I also was super impressed by the excellent support I receive from Gue at Ergonis Software, absolute patience with me while I was figuring out how to include difficult combinations of symbols into my Typinator experience. He was available, knowledgeable and resourceful as to find solutions outside the box. A great 5 stars app and 5 stars service. Service that makes a difference. Thank you! "

David Groover, Albuquerque, NM, USA:

"Typinator is one of those apps I would call a 'must have'. I tried using expansion snippets years ago, nervously at first then suffering through years of slow response times and frequent crashes followed by upgrades which never fixed the problem with TextExpander.

Typinator has TE beat hands down in the following areas; 1) it is reliable 2) it is fast 3) it is customizable using scripts 4) it sits in my menubar so I can easily and frequently update a snippet when I want to 5) because it runs as an independent app from the menu bar and TE runs from a different aspect of the system, Typinator is far more dependable in actual use.

TE taught me to believe that using a text expander tool was always going to be a bit problematic at best. Typinator has retrained my brain as to the ease and the power I experience using Typinator. I have some rather tough memory challenges and if I start using an expansion program, it simply HAS to be consistent. Otherwise I will become confused, frustrated and I will stop using it."

Steven Goodheart, Berkeley, MA, USA:

"I'd been using Typeit4me and had tried TexExpander but Typinator just blew them out of the water in terms of speed and ease of use - and its obvious that Typinator is updated far more frequently, a very good thing."

Noël, Boston, MA, USA:

"I cannot live without Typinator - in fact, scary enough, sometimes I find myself writing the shortcuts on paper instead of what I really mean!"

Fred Colantonio (marketing and internet consultant), Belgium:

"Typinator is a killer app to save time and increase productivity! I could not think of working on my Mac without it."

Carl Peterson (web designer), Dallas, TX, USA:

"I just got my copy of Typinator, and I've got to tell you that I love it! Makes normal typing so much simpler. I was concerned that the HTML snippets would conflict with what Dreamweaver already does. It doesn’t. I can automatically expand bits of code that I've had to hammer out character by character. This saves so much time! Thanks so much for this product."

Claus-Jürgen Kocka, Nürnberg, Germany:

"I translate computer books (mostly those …for Dummies) which use a lot of special terms and terminology. Many of them are difficult to type and hard to remember. If I actually had to type them, it would take me for ages and my manuscript would still be full of typos and mistakes. Since I started delegating that pesky task to Typinator, the program has literally saved me days if not weeks of work."

Mary van Bronkhorst (Online Game Designer), CA, USA:

"This product is brilliant. I got so spoiled within the first hour that I can't quite figure out how I got along without it so many years.  Good job, folks - you've done it again."

DeeAnne K Lau, Colorado Springs, CO, USA:

"I love your products - PopChar, Typinator, KeyCue. The new installation technique is absolutely wonderful! I can't say enough about it. It found the quirky place that I like to keep my PopChar application and replaced without a blink. Amazing! (Other companies' programs get all tied in knots even if my application is in the default place.)

My most favorite of the three is Typinator. I use it all the time. Once, when Quicken disabled Typinator for a few weeks, I tried all of the other similar programs. It was a terrible experience. I was so glad to get my Typinator back. I just can't find a simpler, easier interface. It just works intuitively for me. I don't have to do strange, programming-like things to get it to work."

Becky Gerry, MA, USA:

"What a great program this is! Thanks again for such a great program at a great price."

Chris Stone (freelance consultant), Dallas, Texas USA:

"If you are really heavy user of snippets (as I am) it's a no-brainer to have a dedicated utility fine-tuned for the job.

I've been using snippet-expansion utilities since TypeIt4Me came out in 1990, and I used TextExpander for a while. TextExpander was too buggy, had a poor search (at the time), and I had several bad experiences when communicating with its developers.

One day I was fussing about having too many snippets to remember, and I discovered Typinator with its excellent Quick Search. After 10 minutes usage I bought a copy and have been a very happy user ever since. The developers are quite responsive and have implemented a number of my ideas and requests over the last ten plus years.

I would feel lost without Typinator. But as I mentioned – I'm a heavy snippet-user."

Michael Hyatt (CEO Thomas Nelson Publishers), Nashville, TN, USA:

"I love Typinator. I have tried the others, but Typinator is the easiest – by far. It is one of four essential productivity apps I could not live without."

Jon Stokes, San Francisco, CA, USA:

"Typinator is faster & less wonky than TextExpander. Looks like I have a new macro program."

Todd Homan-Jones (IT consultant), Washington, DC:

"I never realize how terrible I am at typing until I'm at a machine without Typinator!"

Melissa Johnson (web designer & developer), FL, USA:

"After only a few tries, I like Typinator so much better than TextExpander, which I demoed for a month."

Hugh Nagle (Learn Fench By Podcast), Cork, Ireland:

"Typinator is the ***best*** utility I have purchased in a very long time. I tested a couple of other products before purchasing yours and found that they were not always 100% solid. Typinator, on the other hand is as solid as a rock. I have not had a single issue and have had it running continuously since I purchased it.

Running a support desk, having to type up similar responses to the same questions asked frequently, Typinator has been a fantastic find for me. Doing lots of html coding recently on a long project was simplified greatly by your software.

And QuickSearch makes Typinator even more powerful!"

Les Black (owner Four Columns Realty), Orange, MA, USA:

"Typinator does just what it says it does - turns keyboard shortcuts into phrases. I have used it on several Macs since 2005 and consider it an essential app. It's been consistently rock-solid and easy to use."

Todd Gilbert (Second Street Media), MO, USA:

"Typinator has revolutionized my workflow – anytime I know I will need a phrase/explanation more than once - it goes directly into this brilliant product. What a timesaver!"

Paul Spafford, FileMaker 8 and 9 Certified developer, Munster, Ontario, Canada:

"Typinator is a huge time-saver. With Typinator's FileMaker abbreviations installed, I find myself doing far less jumping between my mouse and my keyboard and I waste almost no time scrolling through the long lists of functions to find the one I need. This saves time for me, and will ultimately save money for my clients. Typinator is a very cool app that pays off within days, and best of all - it is useful not only in FileMaker but in so many other contexts as well!"

Michele DeFilippo (Book designer), AZ, USA:

"Typinator is the best thing since sliced bread!"

Wm Howard, Reno, NV, USA:

"I have been using Typinator for a few months. The application has become indispensable to my daily computer use as a Web development coder and as a personal computer user. Typinator allows the enhancements I would get with a big development environment, without a suite of unnecessary tools I would never use.

Every day, all day long, Typinator is in the background making my life a lot easier. Editing the sheet is extremely simple, takes no time at all and is instantly available. The clever use of Apple OS makes for pleasant and easy use of Typinator."

Berthold Schwab, Germany:

"A really beautiful program - simple and clear in its design, robust and reliable without modifying the system. I've been using similar programs, but this one is the first that convinced me right away."

Russ Phillips (public disclosure advocate), WA, USA:

"Just wanted to express how incredible I have found using Typinator to be!  I have been going through an ugly lawsuit and have had to handle most of the legal paperwork myself.  Not being am attorney and needing to make sure that I have my court papers just the way that the court demands, Typinator has been a lifesaver!  I am able to properly enter the often lengthy statutes titles by using the shortcuts.  Thank you so much for this product!  I'll send ya a bottle of champaign to celebrate when this is over!"

Désiré Rusovsky (signmaker, translator), Switzerland:

"I used TypeIt4Me for years, complaining for its slowness and lack of reactivity. Often when typing, the expansion was mixed with the next word, with the result of loosing more time to correct the mixes than to type without an expander.

But then I discovered Typinator. Simply amazing and sooo fast. Typinator is the king of software which make me happy. Thank you!"

Erik Patrick (web developer), Brazil:

"I'm here to say I'm totally loyal to Typinator! I've got a real speed up coding with it and consequently more spare time."

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