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This page contains a collection of useful power tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Typinator. We hope you find some of these power tips useful for your work flow.

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To find an item with a certain text fragment in either the abbreviation or expansion, you can open the Typinator window and enter the desired text in the search field (for example, "dear" to find a certain letter template). The right-hand column in the set list will then show the number of matching items; click a set to see all those items.

To quickly jump from one matching item to the next, hit the return or enter key after entering the search text. Hit the return or enter key again to jump to the next occurrence, and press the shift key along with return or enter to jump backwards.

When you enter multiple words in the search field, Typinator searches for all items that contain both words in any order. For example, the search text
    special offer
yields all items that contain both "special" and "offer". If you wish to look for this exact phrase (both words in this order, separated by a space character), enclose the search text in quotes:
      "special offer"

In some cases, it can be even faster to use the Quick Search feature of Typinator. Hit your Quick Search hotkey and type the search term. Typinator immediately shows a list of matching items.

If you wish to edit an item instead of inserting it in the current text, select it, then press the command key and hit the return or enter key. Typinator opens the editing window and immediately selects the item in the list of abbreviations.

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