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This page contains a collection of useful power tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Typinator. We hope you find some of these power tips useful for your work flow.

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Preset for Options







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If you often create abbreviations that have the same case options (must match, does not matter, or affects expansion) or the same "whole word" setting, consider creating a separate set for these items.

For example, you may want all your personal typing errors to have the "Case affects expansion" behavior and the "whole word" option enabled. Create a new set, then open the "Set Info" sheet and define these settings as the "Default Options".

Whenever you create a new abbreviation, it will assume these settings if possible.

presets for options

This is particularly handy when you create new snippets with the "New Item from Selection" or "New item from Clipboard" commands.

For the sake of simplicity, the definition window does not contain all these options, but you can select in which set the newly defined item should go. Pick your special set, and Typinator will apply your default settings.

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