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We have received so much overwhelming feedback from customers who switched from TextExpander to Typinator. We can't refrain from sharing some of that with you here.

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Read what former TextExpander users say about their experience with Typinator

Andrew J. Kornberg, Parkville, Australia:

"I just wanted to say that Typinator is just amazing. My snippets work, and the depth and breadth of the app is just amazing. I love Typinator and wish I moved over from TextExpander years ago!"

Dario B, Cork, Ireland:

"As a former TextExpander user, I switched to Typinator and I couldn’t be happier with the switch. I wouldn’t consider myself a power user, but Typinator never failed on me, while TextExpander had few issues and unpredictability."

Bill Garrett, Arlington, TN, USA:

"I recently switched to Typinator and found it to be an excellent alternative to TextExpander. I used TE for some time and never had a problem with the software or the tech support. But I'm not a fan of cloud-dependent software or subscription pricing, so when TE announced the big change, I went to look at the competition.

Typinator caught my eye with its advanced features such as expansions that incorporate regular expressions, and built-in formulas to act on text as you type. For example, you can have a keystroke that returns a date x-number of days before today, exclusive of Saturdays and Sundays, or one to convert a paragraph to all-caps.

Typinator converted all my TE snippets without problem, and tech support has provided fast and detailed answers to my questions about features I was unfamiliar with. All in all, switching has been a very positive experience."

Phil Hubbard in his review at

"I switched to Typinator for the same reason [as another user on MacUpdate] - the subscription plan. And you know, it's just better. It's faster as others have mentioned. Great software and developer. I use their PopChar character insertion utility which is also fabulous. Yes, both those programs have paid upgrades from time to time, but in the long run, it's a better deal. FYI, TextExpander users, Typinator has an excellent way to import TextExpander snippets."

Sasasushi in his review at

"I'm yet another longtime TextExpander user who has jumped ship to Typinator as a result of Smile Software's new subscription nonsense. Typinator flawlessly imported all of my TextExpander snippets and it *just* works. It's a lot faster than TextExpander was as well. I used to get the "XXXXX has disabled secure input" that basically disabled TextExpander all the time and none of that with Typinator. I'm sorry I didn't make this switch sooner.

The morning after purchasing Typinator I got mail from Smile Software that they've decided to cut their subscription prices to 50% off for upgraders as well as to continue offering support for and sale of the standalone Version 5 but I'm not looking back. It's too little, too late and Typinator seems to be a superior product anyway.

David Cintron, Humble, TX, USA
"I just recently switched back to Typinator from the other guy (The one with TE as the initials), and I'm finding that I no longer am having issues that I had just been dealing with. I would do expansions and keep typing only to find I had done so too quickly for the other app and my new text after the expansion got caught in the middle of the expansion. This was very annoying to me and would cause me to have to retype something. Basically negating all the time I saved using text expansion. I'm happily back on Typinator now and I do like that it let me import my abbreviations from other app, which made swapping back pretty easy. Also, I do appreciate paying for version upgrades as opposed to subscription based if I'm being honest."

Paul, Leiden, The Netherlands:

"As a long-time TextExpander user, I was unhappy with their new subscription model and decided to use the old app as long as it lasted. Today it failed to open. Fed up, I searched for alternatives. Found Typinator. Tried it. Love it. It can do all my old TE expansions, some far more easily. Example: I often use text expanding to change the case of text copied to the clipboard. In TE it took a PERL-script to do that. In Typinator, a simple code like this {Lowercase {clip}} does the trick. I look forward to using Typinator for a long time."

David Groover, Albuquerque, NM, USA:

"Typinator is one of those apps I would call a 'must have'. I tried using expansion snippets years ago, nervously at first then suffering through years of slow response times and frequent crashes followed by upgrades which never fixed the problem with TextExpander.

Typinator has TE beat hands down in the following areas; 1) it is reliable 2) it is fast 3) it is customizable using scripts 4) it sits in my menubar so I can easily and frequently update a snippet when I want to 5) because it runs as an independent app from the menu bar and TE runs from a different aspect of the system, Typinator is far more dependable in actual use.

TE taught me to believe that using a text expander tool was always going to be a bit problematic at best. Typinator has retrained my brain as to the ease and the power I experience using Typinator. I have some rather tough memory challenges and if I start using an expansion program, it simply HAS to be consistent. Otherwise I will become confused, frustrated and I will stop using it."

Bruce Codding, Redwood City, CA, USA:

"Just purchased Typinator after being unsatisfied with TextExpander, aText, and TypeIt4Me. I have more than two dozen snippets, several of which contain input variables. Typinator was the only app that handled input variables accurately and consistently. Congratulations on producing an excellent product. Well worth the price in reduced keyboarding time and accuracy."

Michael Hyatt (CEO Thomas Nelson Publishers), Nashville, TN, USA:

"I love Typinator. I have tried the others, but Typinator is the easiest – by far. It is one of four essential productivity apps I could not live without."

Jon Stokes, San Francisco, CA, USA:

"Typinator is faster & less wonky than TextExpander. Looks like I have a new macro program."

Kemer Thomson, Poway, CA, USA:

"I switched from TextExpander to Typinator and I’m not going to switch back and here’s why:

  • Typinator has unique powerful features that I haven’t fully exploited yet. But, for example I’m already nuts for the Conversions add-on.
  • Ergonis has always been a good partner with software. I now have Typinator, KeyCue, and PopChar, and all have had steady enhancements. I don’t get spammed with offers and recommendations to buy “affiliated” products.
  • Ergonis has made a commitment to maintain the current licensing model. Subscription and Cloud sharing are very trendy. In some cases it can work. But, I think Smile is over-estimating the value of group sharing of snippets, especially since it’s pretty easy to share them manually."

Michael Cavalieri (FileMaker developer, Soliant Consulting), Chicago, IL, USA

"I just wanted to drop a quick note and say I LOVE YOUR APP. I am a FileMaker Developer, and regular computer-junkie, and I don't think Typinator gets its fair share of press. TextExpander, TypeIt4Me: too expensive and clumsy. I love how Typinator is simple, unobtrusive and works!"

Wintercamel in his review at

"Great utility, very easy to import snippets from Textexpander. Never failed on me. I admit no to be a power user, but the previous application had few issues like disabling itself rendomly, typing the clipboard instead of the snippet, or not working at all on some java application

Customer support is great and friendly."

Steven Goodheart, Berkeley, MA, USA:

"I'd been using Typeit4me and had tried TextExpander but Typinator just blew them out of the water in terms of speed and ease of use - and its obvious that Typinator is updated far more frequently, a very good thing."

Melissa Johnson (Web designer & developer), FL, USA:

"After only a few tries, I like Typinator so much better than TextExpander, which I demoed for a month."


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Why to use Typinator

Johnny Thompson (Programmer), San Francisco, CA, USA. Based on his review about Typinator at on 8 April 2016 (*):

"I've switched to Typinator! I'm a long-time (~6 years) user of TextExpander, and I've been unhappy with TextExpander even before their insane pricing change.

TextExpander is super slow at executing scripts (about 5-10 seconds on a non-SSD, about 2-5 seconds on an SSD), which was one of the main new features in their new version. Speaking of which, their major versions barely add any features and cost an arm and a leg. Their recent switch to a ridiculous subscription-based pricing model made me look at alternatives. I am so happy I discovered Typinator instead.

The winner of them all is Typinator by a large margin.

  • Fair pricing.
  • Everything it does is *super fast* and it includes extremely advanced power-user features. Everything I always wished TextExpander would have is here in Typinator!
  • Full Dropbox (and others) syncing of your snippets and shell scripts, simply by moving the "Sets" folder location to a cloud-synced location like your Dropbox folder. Any changes to the files are instantly detected by all Typinator apps on all computers, even when it's running at the time. This is a far cry above the unreliable sync that TextExpander had.
  • Shell scripts are literally shell scripts. They're stored in a special "Scripts" folder, end in ".sh", and are marked executable. This means you can use your full, syntax-highlighting text editors to write long, advanced scripts that have full access to the web, your filesystem, etc, so that they can do very advanced things.
  • Shell scripts execute *instantly*. This is thanks to Typinator just needing to execute the script and capture the output (unlike TextExpander which runs osascript and uses temp files, and aType which must write the script to a file before executing it). I made a PHP shell script that outputs the current date, and Typinator expanded it in about 100ms every time, even on a non-SSD. My jaw dropped. This finally gives me access to super fast scripting in my snippets, allowing me to do things like a web scraper that pulls down prices and outputs the latest up-to-date price.
  • You are able to use regular expressions as your snippet type, which means that you could use something like "(ee|rr|nn)name" as your "abbreviation" and a single snippet will react to eename, rrname and nnname, and your snippet itself can be script-based and use the "ee", "rr" or "nn" portions to determine what to output based on how you typed that abbreviation. This is great for snippets where you want tiny variations in output. It's also great for things like currency formatting (make a snippet that reacts to a sequence of numbers followed by some special characters, and make it grab those numbers and format them and output them).
  • Shell scripts can receive arguments, i.e. "{Scripts/ what}" to send "what" to the script. That makes it easy to re-use the same script across multiple snippets and give it an argument that tells the script to slightly adjust the output based on what snippet is executing it. Heck, you can even execute the same script with different arguments via a single snippet by using Typinator's regular-expression text snippets, to capture custom input every time, like "{Scripts/ $1}" to send it the 1st captured regular expression argument (that you typed) from a regex-based abbreviation.
  • Typinator includes built-in functions like regex replacements inside of your snippets which lets you do many advanced things without ever needing to create a shell script at all. For instance, I made a Regular Expression snippet with "([0-9]+(?:\.[0-9]+)?)xx" as the pattern, and set it to Plain Text and wrote the following as the text replacement just to test it: "Please pay me \${/Regex /[0-9]/1//$1/}!". The result is that if I type "293.22xx", it expands to "Please pay me $111.11!". That was just a test of the built-in regex replacement function, which in this case replaces all digits with the number "1". There are many built-in functions and I am very impressed.
  • Fill-in forms, dropdown menus, variables etc are fully supported and work better than TextExpander ever did. The popup window is faster, clearer and only asks for the field values (instead of showing all the distracting boilerplate text too).
  • The "place text cursor at location" feature is almost instant (unlike TextExpander, which slooowly crawls one character at a time). Typinator moves the cursor to the correct location much faster. In fact, it often looks like an instant jump. That's a godsend since I use lots of snippets with text cursor placement and it's wonderful to be able to keep typing instantly after expansion, instead of waiting for the cursor to move (like with TextExpander and aType).
  • The Typinator language is very easy; all functions are within {} brackets, and you learn them quickly. For instance, {"xxdate"} would include the contents of the "xxdate" snippet, etc. It's therefore super easy to include snippets in each other, etc. Even script-based and input-form based snippet inclusions work perfectly.
  • The company has an unbeatable track record of excellent OS support and stability year after year for all of their applications, and friendly customer support.

If you need extremely fast shell scripting, cursor movement, powerful built-in functions (like regex text replacement), and *mindblowing regex pattern matching as your abbreviation triggers*, buy Typinator.

I will never again give a single cent to TextExpander. They've shown their greed for *years* and now yet again with their latest money-hungry scheme, and they're not even the best on the market. Typinator is light years ahead in power and speed."

Why not to use TextExpander

Johnny Thompson (Programmer), San Francisco, CA, USA. Based on his review about TextExpander at on 8 April 2016 (*):

"I'm a long-time (~6 years) user of TextExpander, and I've been unhappy with TextExpander even before the pricing change. I'm leaving this as a lowest-score review for many reasons. Even before the new price gouging, they'd still only have gotten 1 or 2 stars from me.

Here are just some of the reasons TextExpander is awful:

  • They charge high upgrade fees for barely any new features.
  • The most exciting new feature was support for Javascript in their snippets.
  • But TextExpander's expansion of Javascript-based snippets is ridiculously slow (about 5-10 seconds on a non-SSD, about 2-5 seconds on an SSD), which I guess is because it reads/writes some temporary files to disk and then reads the script output from that temp file. Or maybe it's because of how it launches Apple's "osascript" program. Either way, it's sloooow at doing advanced scripting.
  • And it only supports AppleScript and Javascript, so forget doing something super advanced (i.e. downloading a webpage, scraping some content and outputting the result).
  • And including snippets inside of each other is horribly poor. When I needed several advanced snippets to share advanced code, I ended up with a very ugly, hacked-together system of cross-references that simply looked horrible and slowed TextExpander's expansion to a crawl.
  • Furthermore, another annoyance during regular text expansion is that whenever you use their "cursor placement" operation, the text cursor *crawls* to that location one step at a time. It's been annoying me but I assumed there was no other way.

When I found an email in my inbox talking about TextExpander 6 and "subscription model at $5 per month", I nearly puked in my mouth. I wasn't surprised, though.

It's *exactly* what I expected from a company adding 1-2 features and gouging users for $20 each year for "upgrades" that frankly are mini-features at best.

And now the only new feature in "v6" is that they removed the Dropbox/iCloud syncing features and added their own subscription-based syncing cloud.

I've hated TextExpander for almost the entire 6 years that I've been using it, but I simply stuck to it because I was used to it. I'm glad that they've forced me to look at their competition, since that's how I discovered Typinator, a *far* more powerful product - and no subscription nonsense.


If you need extremely fast shell scripting, cursor movement, powerful built-in functions (like regex text replacement), and *mindblowing regex pattern matching as your abbreviation triggers*, buy Typinator.

Never again give a single cent to TextExpander. They've shown their greed and they're not even the best on the market. Typinator is light years ahead in power and speed.

I’ve now been entirely switched-over to Typinator for almost 2 weeks, and I keep discovering new tricks and power-features in its GUI and its built-in functions. It’s such an amazing product. I wish I had found this application sooner. It could have saved me many years of suffering the headaches caused by TextExpander’s massive weaknesses."


(*) some minor updates compared to the original MacUpdate review were submitted by the author via email.

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