Typinator in Action

A shout-out to Ergonis for saving me – so far – nearly four entire months of 16-hour days of my life!

Bill Thayer
Chicago, IL, USA

Typinator is the best thing since sliced bread!

Michele DeFilippo
(Book designer)
Typinator is the BEST utility I have purchased in a very long time. I tested a couple of other products before purchasing yours and only Typinator was 100% rock-solid.

Hugh Nagle, Ireland
I love Typinator. I have tried the others, but Typinator is the easiest – by far. It is one of four essential productivity apps I could not live without.

Michael Hyatt,

Typinator is faster and less wonky than TextExpander. Looks like I have a new macro program.

Jon Stokes,
San Francisco, CA
Typinator is a killer app to save time and increase productivity! I could not think of working on my Mac without it.

Fred Colantonio
Marketing and Internet Consultant
By far, the best Mac text expander I've seen. I've tried others, and Typinator easily rises to 'best in class.'

Jim Cole, Jacksonville, FL
One of the most useful programs for the Mac. I use this program hundreds of times a day. It's a HUGE time-saver.

Wilma Keppel, macupdate.com
I'm here to say I'm totally loyal to Typinator! I've got a real speed up coding with it and consequently more spare time.

Erik Patrick,
web developer
This product is brilliant. I got so spoiled within the first hour that I can't quite figure out how I got along without it so many years.

Mary van Bronkhorst
Online Game Designer

First Mac software ever that convinced me to register after a trial period of 5 minutes. Good job!

Hans Trygve Jensen
web designer

As usual with Ergonis's products, simplicity and reliability are the watchwords.


Less typing, fewer mistakes. More spare time!

Have you ever experienced the tedium and frustration of having to repeatedly type your name, e-mail address, home page url, or other words or phrases again, again and again? Do you frequently need to quickly insert images like your signature, location plan, or company logo into documents? Do you often misspell words when typing?

Typinator boosts your productivity by automating the process of inserting frequently used text and graphics and auto-correcting typing errors.

With thousands of predefined corrections for common typos and misspelled words for US and British English, German and French, Typinator is not only a typing assistant that speeds repetitive typing tasks, but also a system-wide auto-correction tool that automatically fixes typing errors and misspelled words.

Setup is easy: You just define an abbreviation along with its replacement text or picture.

Usage is even easier: Whenever you type one of your abbreviations in any application, Typinator inserts the corresponding replacement.

Words cannot describe the huge benefits Typinator offers to you.

Get an impression how Typinator can boost your productivity and save you a lot of time in only three minutes by watching our new short and sweet product videos...

product video

... and download a fully functional trial version.

Typinator 8 is scheduled for later this year. But you can already upgrade your license now!

Prepare for Typinator 8 and upgrade your license now


Typinator 8 is scheduled for later this year. It will come with great new features that will make the best text expander even better. It will save you even more time and make your work more fun.

Luckily, there's no need to wait getting your license for Typinator 8, since the grace period for a free upgrade to Typinator 8 has already started.

All Typinator purchases (new and upgrades alike) made now already include the major upgrade to Typinator 8.0 and all subsequent 8.x upgrades at no additional cost.

No matter if you just need a license update or want to get started with Typinator, this is the best time to get the most for your money.

Migration from TextExpander to Typinator

is THE TextExpander alternative

During the past, we could welcome many former TextExpander customers who switched to Typinator because they were unsatisfied with TextExpander and wanted a more robust and speedier solution.

Since TextExpander switched to a subscription-based pricing model, more and more TextExpander users are now switching to Typinator. We have create a special page with helpful information for seamless migration from TextExpander to Typinator.

Starting with Typinator 7.0, migration from TextExpander became even easier, as Typinator now comes with an improved import function for existing TextExpander snippets.

Read testimonials about the switching experience of former TextExpander users.

Typinator increases your

Personal productivity

  • Set up a list of often used e-mail phrases, addresses and other boilerplates.
  • Insert the current date and/or time in a variety of formats with a few keystrokes.
  • Auto-correct commonly misspelled words across all the applications you use.
  • Insert pictures, such as signatures and smilies.

Business productivity

  • Create standard customer service responses.
  • Acknowledge customer orders and send shipping advisories (with the current date and time automatically inserted into your standard text).
  • Insert logos, product schematics, and maps.
  • Auto-correct your most frequent typing errors.

Development productivity

  • Create templates for code fragments, code blocks, and templates.
  • Implement documentation standards.
  • Define shorthands for frequently used Unix commands.
  • Use the built-in HTML snippets to simplify and speed up editing of web pages.

Typinator is a MacUpdate favorite ...

Bryan MacUpdate"Typinator is one of those apps that I talk about to my non-tech friends. All of us at MacUpdate use it without fail for coding, content editing, technical support, and internal and external communications. It is lightweight and reliable, and the new feature that allows users to share ‘.tysets’ has opened up even more possibilities for how we use this powerful utility at MacUpdate.
I cannot emphasize enough how different (and terrible) my work would be without this app!"

- Bryan, MacUpdate Editor and Consummate Nice Guy

Features, installation, requirements


For more information on how to type faster, visit the Features page

Main features


To install Typinator, download it from our downloads page. Typinator is distributed as a macOS disk image disk image (DMG).

Once you have mounted the disk image, simply double-click the Typinator icon to install and launch Typinator.

As long as you do not have a license key, you can test Typinator in TextEdit as long and as often as you wish.

When you use Typinator in other applications, it will display a registration reminder after a couple of expansions.


  • Typinator requires OS X 10.6 or newer.
  • Compatible with macOS Mojave (10.14).
  • For further details, see our compatibility page.


The current version of Typinator is available in English, German, and French.


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