Promote Shareware

Development of shareware

Shareware developers invest a great deal of time and effort in the development of their shareware products. They have excellent technical skills and are highly qualified software engineers. Unfortunately, they often make grave mistakes when it comes to the marketing and promotion of shareware.

Problems in shareware promotion

Software engineers are typically poorly-educated concerning the marketing and promotion of shareware. They often don't have the necessary know-how and are not aware of the most suitable ways how to promote the software products correctly.

How to promote shareware

It is not enough just to build a good product and wait for potential customers to accidentally hear about it. For a product to be distributed successfully, it must first get the highest possible exposure.

There is much advice and many tips, on how to promote shareware. It is certainly essential to increase a web site's popularity and to optimize the web site for search engines.

What is doubtlessly necessary for shareware products is to submit the products to download sites and directories. This is the best way to promote shareware.

For shareware developers and vendors, this means that being listed at these download sites should be an essential part of their marketing strategy. The submission of their products to as many sites as possible should be the first step to promote and advertise shareware.

Think of shareware sites as of virtual shop-windows. By submitting a software product to shareware sites, you put your product right in front of your potential customers. This results in increased exposure and direct downloads.

However, submitting to many sites can be a time-consuming and tedious task - at least without help from SharewarePublisher.

SharewarePublisher is a submission tool and assistant for Mac OS X. It assists software developers and vendors to promote shareware in an economical and time-efficient manner by submitting their products to software download sites. With SharewarePublisher, you can submit to 100+ sites in a few hours, which could take you several days otherwise. This makes SharewarePublisher a very helpful tool to promote your shareware product.

SharewarePublisher is supplied with a list of almost 200 leading shareware sites – with pre-configured site URLs, submission URLs, carefully hand-tuned ratings and priorities, and more. Its unique two-tab web viewer allows you to locate all the listing and submission pages for your products and to fill, automatically, all the submission forms with a single click.

Words cannot fully describe the benefits offered by SharewarePublisher to promote shareware. We therefore invite you to view a short demo movie and download a fully functional trial version.

View SharewarePublisher movie

We have already received a lot of great feedback:

"A great time-saver for anyone submitting software to download sites! I've been looking for a program like this for a long time. SharewarePublisher makes it easy to track the download sites that are listing your products. This program puts everything in one place for quick submittal and saves lots of time. Its definitely worth the price just in the time that it saves for program submittal alone. The after-submittal organization that it provides is a bonus as well."

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