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PAD file

PAD is the abbreviation for Portable Application Description and stands for a machine-readable document format originally developed by the PAD editor Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP). It was designed to enable software developers to provide their product information to online sources in a standard way, so that webmasters of software download sites can easily extract all required data from this PAD file and list the product on their sites. In short, this data format was created to simplify the cumbersome transfer of data between software authors and software download sites.

PAD editor

To benefit from this standardized format, the software author/vendor has to create a PAD file and upload this PAD file to his web site. This is where the PAD editor comes in. A PAD editor allows you to specify all the needed information and create a PAD file.

To summarize: PAD files are important for the marketing of software products as they enable developers to submit their products in an easy and effortless way to many sites in a short time. If you want to work with PAD files you need a PAD editor to generate the PAD files.

Non-PAD-aware download sites

Although many sites allow or even require submission via PAD files, many other sites accept manual submission. For these sites, you have to complete every single field in the submission form whenever a new version of a product is released. Since the efforts to submit to these sites manually is pretty high, many software authors and vendors do not regularly submit to all these sites and thus neglect a huge chance for additional exposure. Fortunately it's not difficult to please both worlds.

It's easy to please both worlds

SharewarePublisher is a PAD file generator AND a software submission tool for Mac OS X. Developed specifically for software developers, vendors and media specialists alike, SharewarePublisher makes generating PAD files AND submitting software applications to leading software listing sites and repositories incredibly easy.

From a single data source, SharewarePublisher can generate PAD files for usage at PAD-aware download sites, as well as autolocate and autofill all the listing and submission pages for online sources that are not PAD-aware.

Acting as a special assistant for software submissions, SharewarePublisher fully integrates the web interface of the listing hosts into the Mac experience, offering developers the best of both worlds.

SharewarePublisher is a full-fledged PAD editor and software submission tool for Mac OS X, helping software developers and vendors to time-efficiently and economical submit their products to software download sites. With SharewarePublisher, you can submit to 100+ sites within a few hours, which would take you several days otherwise.

Words cannot fully describe the benefits offered by SharewarePublisher. We therefore invite you to view a short demo movie and download a fully functional trial version.

View SharewarePublisher movie

Although SharewarePublisher is a pretty young product, we have already received a lot of great feedback:

"A great time-saver for anyone submitting software to download sites! I've been looking for a program like this for a long time. SharewarePublisher makes it easy to track the download sites that are listing your products. This program puts everything in one place for quick submittal and saves lots of time. Its definitely worth the price just in the time that it saves for program submittal alone. The after-submittal organization that it provides is a bonus as well."

"This program saves a lot of time. It organizes thing very nicely to make updating software listings on many sites a fairly painless process. I definitely recommend it."

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