Compatibility of Ergonis Software products with macOS / Mac OS X versions

On this page, we give you all the information you need about the compatibility of our products with Apple's latest macOS version. Read through this page to prepare for a painless upgrade to new macOS versions as far as our products PopChar X, Typinator, and KeyCue are concerned.

Important information for macOS Catalina


The latest versions of our Mac products all work with macOS Catalina, but older versions may fail to launch or install. We therefore strongly recommend to use at least the versions listed in the "Minimum requirements" table below.

Catalina is more restrictive than Mojave with respect to certain permissions. All our products need special permissions to perform their tasks (Typinator: watching keystrokes and inserting expansions; PopChar: inserting characters in documents; KeyCue: finding menu shortcuts and executing menu commands).

When you launch the applications the first time, you will be asked to give them permissions to "control your computer", to automate other applications, and to monitor input from the keyboard, mouse or trackpad. You need to activate these permissions to allow the applications to do what they have been designed for.

You are all set with the latest versions - read on if you are not up-to-date

Latest versions are fully compatible

The latest versions of PopChar X (8.9 or newer), Typinator (8.3 or newer) and KeyCue (9.7 or newer) are all fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.8 up to macOS Catalina (10.15). If you already run Catalina or plan to upgrade soon, please make sure that you have the latest versions of our products installed.

Older versions may need an upgrade

If you are using an older version of one of our products, see the table to the right and the following sections for product-specific information about compatibility and upgrade options.

Minimum requirements for recent OS X versions

High Sierra
PopChar X


For detailed information concerning the individual products, please see the sections below.

Upgrade to the current versions


Free upgrades for recent licenses

If you already have a license for the current major version, we strongly recommend that you update to the most recent version available. Since our licenses include all minor version updates, the update to the latest version is free for you in this case.

Just download the new version and enjoy.

Upgrade path for earlier versions

If you own an older license (no matter how old it is), you can purchase an upgrade to the most recent version at 50% of the regular price.

Please visit the pricing pages of the individual products for further details and visit our online store to place your upgrade order.

Detailed information about individual products

PopChar X - insert special characters and umlauts

PopChar X

Do not use version 8.8 (or older) with Catalina!

Do not use version 8.5 (or older) with Mojave!

Do not use version 7.1 (or older) with El Capitan, Sierra, or High Sierra!

Do not use version 5.x (or older) with Yosemite or Mavericks!

Versions older than those mentioned above may crash, freeze or otherwise fail on recent macOS versions. PopChar 8.6 or older may fail to install on macOS Catalina. PopChar versions older than 7.2 will show an empty character table on El Capitan and newer, versions older than 8.4 my lock up and fail to insert characters on Mojave.

PopChar 8.9 contains important fixes for stability, compatibility and performance, so we recommend at least version 8.9 for all users.

Our recommendations

  • For all recent versions of macOS, we recommend PopChar 8.9 or newer.
  • On Catalina, you need at least PopChar 8.9.
  • On Mojave, you need at least PopChar 8.6.
  • On High Sierra, Sierra and El Capitan, use at least PopChar 7.2.
  • On Mavericks and Yosemite, use at least PopChar 7.0.












Do not use version 8.2 (or older) with Catalina!

Do not use version 7.8 (or older) with Mojave!

TypinatorTypinator versions older than 8.2 do not work with Catalina at all. Typinator simply refuses to launch. To ensure smooth transition to macOS Catalina, we therefore strongly recommend to update Typinator to the latest version before upgrading macOS to Catalina.

Typinator 7.7 contains important compatibility changes for Mojave, especially with respect to the new security checks of Mojave. Version 7.8 and 7.9 improve Typinator's adoption to Dark Mode.

In Typinator versions 6.3 through 7.9, we made important improvements for stability and compatibility. To avoid known problems, we therefore highly recommend to use at least version 7.9.

We also recommend Typinator 8.0 or newer for all switchers from TextExpander, because version 8.0 contains some essential improvements of the import function.

If you switch from aText to Typinator, you need Typinator 7.0 or newer to import your aText snippet collection.

Our recommendations

  • For all recent versions of macOS, we recommend Typinator 8.3 or newer.
  • On Catalina, you need at least Typinator 8.3.
  • On Mojave, you need at least Typinator 7.9.
  • On El Capitan and Yosemite, use at least Typinator 6.11.
  • On Mavericks, use at least Typinator 6.5.




Do not use version 9.6 (or older) with Catalina!

Do not use version 9.0 (or older) with Mojave!

KeyCue 9.1 contains improvements for stability and compatibility for all versions of macOS and is required for Mojave.

KeyCue 7.5 contains important improvements and fixes for all versions of macOS; version 8.0 fixes further important issues for El Capitan.

KeyCue 8.5 contains an important fix for High Sierra. Older versions may display an empty or crippled shortcut table on High Sierra.

Our recommendations

  • For all recent versions of macOS, we recommend KeyCue 9.7 or newer.
  • On Catalina, use at least KeyCue 9.7.
  • On Mojave, use at least KeyCue 9.1.
  • On El Capitan, use at least KeyCue 8.0.
  • On Yosemite, use at least KeyCue 7.5.
  • On Mavericks, use at least KeyCue 6.6.
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