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Time is money – this is not just a slogan, but describes today’s way of life. No matter what area we are working in, we steadily try to increase productivity and everything has to be done quicker and quicker to remain competitive.

It goes without saying that the permanent efforts to increase productivity must not impair the quality of our work, but on the other hand we also know that working faster in fact typically does lead to more mistakes.

People who work a lot with computers know what we mean. Every day, we type numberless documents and emails and it's nearly impossible to do this whole work error-free. Of course many word processors include a spell checker and the written documents can be checked.

However, these tools usually highlight the spelling mistakes and then require additional user interaction before you can continue writing. This can be very cumbersome and does certainly not increase productivity.

To sum up: We have two different goals – we want to increase productivity while gaining error-free results. Is there a solution to this dilemma?

Today you can find many products out there which promise to increase productivity. But if you take a closer look, you often realize that they fail to boost your productivity because they are just too complicated to become acquainted with them.

Typinator - a no-brainer for increased productivity

One invaluable tool to increase productivity is without doubt Typinator.

Typinator helps to speed up your typing. Everyone knows how tedious it is to type the same phrases and boilerplates again and again. With Typinator you can define your own abbreviations and replacements for these special phrases. You simply type the predefined abbreviation and Typinator immediately inserts the appropriate phrase.

This definitely leads to faster AND more accurate typing – system-wide, across all Mac OS X applications. And this all is not only relevant for phrases but you can also insert images, date and time in a blink.

Just a few frequently used text templates could save you thousands of keystrokes every day, and several hours every month – and your wrists and fingers will definitely be grateful, too ;-)!

short demo movie of Typinator

Typinator text templates can also be used to create standard customer service responses - imagine the amount of time you will save when you can acknowledge customer orders and send shipping advisories without any effort. To further increase productivity, Typinator will also insert the current date and time with just a few keystrokes. It can also insert images such as a smiley or your own handwritten signature, and auto-correct commonly misspelled words.

But Typinator also improves productivity as an auto-correction tool that instantly corrects your spelling error as you type and does not interrupt your workflow. Typinator comes with predefined built-in sets for automatic correction of several thousands of popular typing errors in English, German and French.

If you are a FileMaker developer, Typinator will boost your productivity with a predefined snippets set containing over 350 abbreviations for all FileMaker 9 functions.

Many other predefined sets will increase productivity in many different areas. Get further information about all available sets here.

Our productivity enhancers Typinator and KeyCue have received a lot of great feedback:

"Simple to use and great to store all sorts of abbreviations, Typinator will save you loads of time when typing up documents."

"If I sum-up the time that I can save with Typinator, I am sure that there will be time for one or another additional round of golf."

"I’m happy to announce that my email answering days are bound to be done much quicker."

"KeyCue is a fantastic product that has transformed the way I use my Mac. As a relatively new Mac user this has increased my productivity significantly!"

"I highly recommend KeyCue. I guarantee it will make you more productive!

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