"Annoyance due to inferior quality outwears the pleasure in a low price."


License Price
Individual/business license EUR 49.99

A single individual/business license covers a single user with up to two computers.

Similarly, multiple licenses cover multiple users with up to two computers each.

If there are more computers than twice the number of users, one additional license is required for each extra computer.

We automatically apply a quantity discount if you put more than one item into your shopping cart.

Currency Conversion

Our company is  located in Austria - part of the European Union - and our products are therefore priced in EUR. When you order from our online store, the price will be converted to your local currency by your payment provider (credit card company or PayPal), so the exact exchange rate depends on your payment provider. If you want to get an estimate you may click on the prices and you will be directed to the conversion site


All prices are given in EUR exclusive VAT. VAT will be charged depending on the destination country:

Austria: 20% VAT must be added.
European Union outside Austria: VAT must be added unless a company supplies its VAT ID Number. Starting with 1. 1. 2015, the VAT rate of the destination country must be applied.
Outside the European Union: No VAT will be charged.


Try before you buy


Our products are being distributed as ESD (electronic software download) products on a try-before-you-buy basis. You don't have to purchase the product before downloading it. Instead, we encourage you to download and test any product for free BEFORE your purchase.

Try before you buy

Trial versions have some limitations or bring up a registration reminder from time to time. To remove the limitations of trial mode, you need to purchase a license key. You do not need to download the product again. Just enter your license key in the registration dialog to turn the trial version into the fully functioning product.


Upgrade prices

License Price
Individual/business license upgrade EUR 24.99
To purchase an upgrade, simply enter your current license key in our Quick Upgrade Assistant. Alternatively, you can add the regular product to the shopping cart and enter your current license key later.


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