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SharewarePublisher is a software submission tool and marketing assistant for Mac OS X, helping software developers and vendors to time-efficiently submit their products to shareware sites.

With SharewarePublisher, you can submit to 100+ sites within a few hours, which would take you several days otherwise.

SharewarePublisher has been built for the Mac and has been designed based on our principle, which we have borrowed from Albert Einstein: "Make it as simple as possible, but not simpler."

Words cannot fully describe the benefits offered by SharewarePublisher.

We therefore invite you to view a short demo movie ...

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Integrated two-tab web viewer

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SharewarePublisher has been designed to optimize your submission workflow.

You don't need to switch back and forth between SharewarePublisher and an external web browser to accomplish your tasks.

Integrated two-tab web viewer

SharewarePublisher's unique two-tab web viewer lets you switch between the listing page of your shareware title and the corresponding submission page with a single click. No longer search for your product at shareware sites – one click takes you there.

Autofill and autolearn submission forms


The most tedious part of each submission round is obviously having to enter all of your version-related information into a huge number of submission forms by hand.

SharewarePublisher turns this task into a no-brainer, since it boils down to pressing the autofill button. SharewarePublisher then fills out all fields of the submission form with the appropriate data.

This does not only speed up things, but also ensures consistent information across all sites and eliminates typing mistakes.


SharewarePublisher should be able to autofill most fields for all the sites it comes with. However, when you add new sites, you may have to enter the information manually once. SharewarePublisher helps you even in this situation. A convenient drawer offers all information you need for this task.

When you finally submit the form, SharewarePublisher automatically learns which contents you have put into which fields. When you visit the same submission site again, SharewarePublisher can automate the process because it already knows which information goes into which field.

submission form

Generate PAD files

screenshot of PADA PAD file is a quite handy way for software authors to provide software download sites with information about new releases of their products. It stores all the descriptions and specifications you need to submit in one single place.

SharewarePublisher fully supports PAD files according to the current specification version 3.10.

Starting with version 1.2, SharewarePublisher is also a full-fledged PAD editor. With its new built-in PAD file generation feature, SharewarePublisher makes it amazingly easy to create and modify PAD files. By means of a single menu command you can export all the needed information in the correct format and create a PAD file according to the newest PAD specification.

Built-in list of leading shareware sites

SharewarePublisher comes with a list of almost 200 shareware sites – with pre-configured site URLs, submission URLs, carefully hand-tuned ratings/priorities and more.

This list is the result of our long experience in the shareware market. With this list you get valuable know-how and experience about shareware sites.

This saves you a lot of time for finding, collecting, sorting, testing, and prioritizing these sites.

Sites ManagerYou may encounter similar products touting to contain lists of several hundreds or even thousands of sites. While there are in fact many more than 200 sites out there (we have more than 300 sites in our internal database), we provide you with only those sites that have worked best for us in the past.

Following the pareto principle, it is in fact not the absolute number of sites that counts, but the balance between efforts and results. With our hand–optimized list, you can be sure to have an excellent cost-value-ratio.

To-do list


Using SharewarePublisher may lead to increased sales of your products!

The left part of the Submissions window contains the list of sites you want to work on during a submission round. You can consider this list your To-do list for this submission round, i.e., it contains all sites you are going to submit your product to.

The site list shows the site name, its priority, and two markers indicating whether you have already submitted to this site and whether your product version is already listed at this site. The priority helps you to submit to the most essential sites first – just sort the list by priority before you start.

You may find it convenient to filter the list according to the submission and/or the listed state. If you would like to work on sites you have not yet submitted to, just set the Submitted filter to “No” and the Listed filter to “Any”. Or want to see all sites where you have already submitted to, but where the version is not listed yet? Set the Submitted filter to “Yes” and the Listed filter to “No”.

You can further narrow down the sites shown in the list by typing the site name or parts of it in the search field.

shows sites, one wants to work on during a submission round

Submission history - tracking submissions and listings

Submissions tab of the main window

In each submission round, you track which sites you submitted to, and which sites listed your products.

In the Submissions tab of the main window, you can see for a selected version, who submitted this version to which site and when, as well as when you checked the site and whether your product is already listed there.

In the Submissions tab of the Sites Manager you can see similar info for a selected site, i.e., who submitted which versions and when, as well as when you checked the site and which products are already currently listed at that site.

Time-efficient semi-automated submission

Of course it might look desirable at a first sight to have a robot that automatically submits your shareware title to thousands of shareware sites.

Unfortunately, many shareware sites do not accept or simply don't like submissions from robot programs. The majority of sites want developers to visit their site personally to submit programs manually.

For us, it has turned out that it is better to manually submit with high quality to the best sites instead of automatically submit to a huge number of no-name sites, nobody cares about.

Acting as a special assistant for software submissions, SharewarePublisher is a full-fledged semi-automated posting client, which seamlessly integrates the listing host's web interface into the Mac experience, offering the best of both worlds.

Developed specifically for shareware developers, vendors and media specialists alike, SharewarePublisher helps semi-automatically submit software applications to the leading shareware listing sites and repositories. With SharewarePublisher you can submit to 100+ sites within just a few hours, which would otherwise take several days.

Predefined submission URLs - Management of listing URLs

SharewarePublisher knows the URLs of 200+ major shareware sites.

Predefined submission URLs

For all sites in the predefined site list, SharewarePublisher knows the site's main URL and the submission URL. So if you want to submit your product, you don't have to search for the special submission URL, but just click on the Submit tab in the web viewer and you will be right there.

Management of listing URLs

SharewarePublisher can store the listing URL of your product per version and site. This allows you to view the listing of your product at any site with a single click without having to search for it any more.

User ID and password management

Many websites require you to log in with a user name and password to edit your software listings.

Unfortunately many sites don't even allow you to define your own user name – so you end up with a long list of different user IDs and passwords for the individual sites.

SharewarePublisher can store your user names and passwords per site and can autofill this information whenever you visit the site.

Site-specific categories

While you – as a developer or vendor – may have a clear understanding what category your product belongs to, you will hardly find any two shareware sites offering the same categorization. So you are forced to find for each site the category that fits your product best. Finally, you end up with different categories for each single site.

SharewarePublisher allows you to store the product's category per site. When you enter the category for the first time, SharewarePublisher automatically extracts it from the submission page and stores it in its database. This allows SharewarePublisher to autofill the specific category for each site in subsequent submission rounds.

You benefit from our experience

"Getting your products listed at the major shareware sites increases traffic, Google ranking, sales, and finally revenues."

We have been working in the Mac shareware market for more than twenty years. More than 200.000 licenses of our products are being used in over 150 countries all over the world. We wouldn't have achieved this goal without the constant, target-oriented work with shareware sites. With SharewarePublisher we are sharing this part of our know-how with you.

Even if you are convinced that you have just finished the latest and greatest software product in the world, it won't automatically sell itself. You must make your prospective customers know about your product. For software products that are sold on a try-before-you-buy basis, the presence at shareware sites is indispensable to reach this goal.

We know that shareware developers prefer to code instead of dealing with tedious tasks like submitting to shareware sites.

But if you want to be successful, you must not ignore this essential marketing chance. With SharewarePublisher you can perform these indispensable activities in a minimum of time.

Get your products listed at the major shareware sites with SharewarePublisher and increase traffic, ranking, customers, and sales.

Get listed. Get sold.

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