What is the Productivity Bundle?

The Productivity Bundle consists of:

PopChar X PopChar X – for easily inserting special characters into text.


KeyCueKeyCue – improves the visibility and usability of shortcut keys.


TypinatorTypinator – automates the entry of repetitive text and graphics.


The Ergonis Productivity Bundle packages together our most popular products to enable you to increase your personal productivity on the Macintosh.

If you order the Productivity Bundle, all three products will be put into your shopping cart, and a quantity discount will be applied automatically.

The Productivity Bundle is ideal for you, if you ...

  • work concurrently in multiple non-integrated applications.
  • work in multiple languages.
  • need special characters in texts.
  • perform lots of repetitive tasks and need to re-type the same phrases over and over.
  • are a novice Macintosh user
  • switched to the Macintosh from Windows

How specifically does the Productivity Bundle boost your personal productivity?

The bundle delivers intuitive, practical solutions to organize and perform common tasks more efficiently.

  • Instead of hunting for special characters in different fonts, PopChar X users just pop up a window to insert them quickly into any document or application.
  • Instead of having to remember complex combinations of shortcut keys, KeyCue pops up a window of often used shortcuts.
  • Instead of manually following the steps to insert repetitive text and graphics, Typinator pops in what you need with just a few keystrokes.

Most importantly, without all the extra keystrokes and repetitive typing, you are much less likely to introduce errors in your work.

The result is:

  • Increased Speed
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Increased Quality

Are you ready to turbo boost your personal productivity on the Macintosh? Click here now to order your Productivity Bundle.

Installation, Registration, and Purchase

Installation and registration

To try the Productivity Bundle, just download the individual products from our download area. As long as you do not register the applications, they operate in trial mode. The trial restrictions are described on each component’s respective product page.


If you order the Productivity Bundle from our online store, you will get three individual license keys for the three products, and a discount will be applied automatically. This will result in the total prices as shown in the table to the right.


License Price
Individual/business license EUR 67.47
Family pack license EUR 101.67

For higher quantities or educational discounts, please ask our customer service for a quote.

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