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PopChar X 5 gets 5 out of 5 Mice and Editor's Choice at MacWorld:

Macworld 5 mice"If you work with multilingual or technical documents, or if you frequently use dingbat fonts, PopChar X 5 will quickly pay for itself.

Macworld Editors ChoiceGraphic designers will appreciate PopChar's ability to display the same character across multiple fonts, and Photoshop users will appreciate being able to visually find and choose special characters. Anyone interested in fonts will enjoy PopChar's organized view of the glyphs hidden within many of their fonts."

MacWorld, Philip Michaels says about PopChar X 4.0 in July 2008 :

"Life is too short to spend fumbling around for the proper keyboard combination to produce the Euro symbol. If you spend a lot of your work day dealing with text, having a tool that helps you quickly insert special characters can be a real productivity booster."

TheMacFeed, May 2010:

"Of all the neat utilities I have found for the Mac, one of the most useful has been PopChar X. For someone like me, with a German last name that, in it’s formal state, requires an umlaut, this is an absolute necessity."

Jason Hull (Freelance Creative Artworker), Berkshire, UK:

"As a freelance creative artworker I have been using PopChar for over fifteen years now and have found in invaluable. It has saved me countless hours over that time and whenever I upgrade my computer it's always the first 3rd party utility I install. Each version of PopChar continues to improve on this wonderfully useful app and I couldn't recommend it highly enough."

Mac Edition Radio:

Harris Fogel writes in his review in Mac Edition Radio on 29-06-2006:

"When I purchased my first Mac in 1992, the first and most important piece of software that I installed was a little shareware application called PopChar, which debuted in 1987. Fourteen years later, it's on every Mac I own, and I’m still using it and consider it one of those really indispensable tools that make my Macs a lot more useful.

While there are other tools out there that promise to make using your fonts easier, there isn’t anything as elegant, useful, or reliable as PopChar X. The new version is Universal Binary and adds a slew of new features including search, Unicode support, html coding, and much more, yet it’s still quick, easy, and simple to use! How many products can you think of that have lasted this long, are affordable, and do just what you want, with no muss or fuss? PopChar 3 is one of the few that can make that statement, and now it runs at full speed on an Intel Mac!

L. Davenport (Review for Silicon Mountain Macintosh User Group):

"PopChar X really speeds up the insertion of special characters and is much more feature-rich and helpful than Apple’s Keyboard Viewer. Simply scroll down until you find the desired character and click on it. Instantly that character is inserted into your document. It couldn’t be easier." Read the full review here...


Roger Harris, Fairview Heights, IL, USA (Review at MacUpdate):

"I have been using PopChar for years. It has always been a good product. If you are looking up characters more than once a day the clumsy methods in OS X and all the font management software become a real pain. PopChar has always made getting to these characters efficient.

The cost of the application fits into my very tight budget."


"The new reverse search feature makes PopChar even more a must-have for editors and anyone who uses typography in his/her job. I reviewed Popchar X in 2007, and it’s still an incredibly useful utility. In fact, it has only become more useful with every update it has received in the meantime."

MacWorld about PopChar X 7 - by Jay J. Nelson:

"Anyone who works with foreign languages, scientific symbols, or frequently uses picture fonts will find PopChar quickly pays for itself.

Graphic designers and publishers will appreciate its ability to display the same character across multiple fonts, and anyone with an interest in the depth of their font collections may lose an evening or two exploring their font treasures."

Read full article.

Read more Macworld articles from Jay J. Nelson.


Visit ATPM to read a comprehensive and personal review of PopChar.

"If your Mac computing involves much typing of special characters such as vowels with diacritical marks or symbols, the work is easier if you have PopChar. You can also use PopChar to view fonts, especially dingbats, and then insert the various pictures as needed. The software is bug-free, and documentation is comprehensive."


"With PopChar X, Ergonis delivers a program that is definitely one of the must-have Mac utilities. The seamless integration in the workflow, the ease of use, and the simple yet effective mode of operation are exemplary." (Review in German)

Frank Taylor
(Review at Versiontracker)

"This is one of those applications that's always present when I start my Mac every day. It saves time, it's easy to use, you get great support, it's reasonably priced and does its job with just a couple of clicks in any application you are working in. It has been updated to keep pace with every Mac OS system update and has had many new features added to increase its value.

Very highly recommend for anyone who does a lot work requiring the use of special font characters."


In MacNation's review in Aug-03 PopChar X gets the highest possible rating "Beyond Belief!"

"... This application is a must have for anyone who deals with fonts on a daily basis. There are many font utilities out there, but this one is the leader of the pack!"


"Honestly, I can't even find anyhting to constructively criticize. If you ever had to use Key Caps to find the right symbol, you quickly realized what an inefficient process it is. Enter PopChar X.This little utility is a great way to save time when looking for a particular symbol among all your fonts. ... It will be worth the money. ... Thank you for giving me a reason to never use Key Caps again!"

CuK New Technologies:

posted a review of PopChar X in French:

"Quel bonheur de retrouver PopChar sous MacOS X! "

Sharon Zardetto Aker (author of "Real World Mac OS X Fonts" from Peachpit Press):

After her lukewarm review of the previous version of PopChar X, she looked at version 3 and said: "The 3.x version puts Character Palette to shame. It is well worth the investment if you input non-standard characters on a regular basis."

Jim Cole
Jacksonville, FL:

"If you're in search of a neat little Mac utility to let you easily find little used keyboard characters, look no further than Ergonis Software's PopChar X. It's simple, efficiently lean, but robust. Like its companions in Ergonis' Productivity Bundle, Typinator and KeyCue, PopChar X is exquisitely designed, devoid of seldom used features that most often mask the functionality of other similar programs. That said, PopChar X, and its Productivity Bundle siblings, leave nothing to want in functionality - they 'cover all bases' of the purpose for which they were designed."

Macworld 5starsPopChar 9 gets 5 out of 5 stars and Editor's Choice at MacWorld:

Macworld 5 mice"Whatever your purpose, PopChar unfolds a panoply of fonts and characters for ready browsing and access.

Macworld Editors Choice

Fonts hide many extras. Many fonts include full Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic alphabets; swash characters; oodles of ligatures, or combinations of letters drawn together to avoid clashing stroke parts; small caps, which are essentially “lowercase” capitals; lining (“uppercase”) and old-style (“upper/lowercase”) numerals; superscripts and subscripts; and other symbols. Apple provides little help, and that’s why PopChar continues to flourish.

You can use PopChar in a lot of ways. You might know or want to find out if a given special character exists in a font you’re using. You could be trying to figure out the typeface that works for a design or interface but need to examine what the font offers in full before proceeding. Looking for a flourish or symbol? You can quickly scan through font collections you’ve organized in Font Book using PopChar.

PopChar remains a useful adjunct for print and interactive designers and interface builders 35 years after its introduction. If you have the motor memory of twitching your cursor into a corner and clicking, it will come back to you. If not, you’ll quickly find revealing PopChar becomes an instinct.

Read full article by Glenn Fleishman, Senior Contributor, Macworld

Don Rittner, Times Union

in his his article "Gadgets, Apps, and things that make me smile", Don writes: "PopChar is one of those nifty applications you wonder how you lived without."


Matt Neuburg writes in his review in TidBITS#641/05-Aug-02:

"... The interface for character display is superbly simple, clean, and convenient: characters are shown in a single scrolling pane, but that pane is clearly divided into sections (Greek, Cyrillic, Arrows, Hiragana, and so forth) and a pop-down menu scrolls instantly to any section. PopChar X is now both an excellent way to examine your fonts and a significant Unicode input method: for those wishing to use more than the plain Latin alphabet, it's a must-have utility."

Marcel Dufresne, MaUsE DoubleClick, Ontario, Canada

Marcel reviewed PopChar X, Typinator, and KeyCue for his Mac user group. Read the full review and "see why I have been using them for such a long time and could not do without."


Harry Babad writes in his review for Maccompanion in March 2007:

"I have been using PopChar since it first appeared in 1987. Twenty years and many versions later, I still use it!

PopChar X plays nice with every application I tried and use it in. These range from disc labeling product, business card software, word and text processors, FileMaker Pro, MS Excel and all the notepad, brainstorming and ToDo software I’ve played with. I have even been able to make it work with Adobe Acrobat when I use the touchup text tool. PopChar also works well in Acrobat Professional’s sticky notes and comments as well as the typewriter tool function. None of my other “font” tools work across all my installed text using applications including the Finder. All I can say is I’m impressed! ...

You don’t have to be a heavy user of special font characters to benefit from PopChar. If you reach for the option key to select a non-standard character more than once a day this is a product well worth buying. ...

This is a strong product that gets better with each upgrade. I would never consider this product as any thing but a priority one keeper – few other utilities I’ve used can make that claim. Thank you Ergonis."

User testimonials

Steve Jolly, Houston, TX, USA:

"Thanks for excellence and insight in designing and maintaining your product. PopChar has simplified my creative life so many times that I mostly forget that I have it. Until, of course, I add a new employee at an office and briefly experience what life with Quark or other tools is like without PopChar. PopChar is well worth its extremely reasonable fee; measured on a cost/benefit ratio, PopChar's big time-savings and task-simplification benefits make its small fee look look like a great bargain!"

Brian Wratten, Yaroomba, Australia:

"I find it one of the most indispensable utilities on my Mac. It has always been great and just gets better and better. It just makes the whole operation of finding those hidden characters so much better than any other way."

Jacques R. Kilchoer, Costa Mesa, CA, USA:

"Your license policy plus the info when you click on 'Check for updates' in PopChar, is really great! Why doesn't everyone do this? This is the only piece of software I've seen that does this."

Darryl Lewis (Everything Macintosh), Zebulon, NC, USA:

"PopChar and PopChar X have been wonderful time savers, and this new version 3 makes PopChar even better."

Charles Ying (Founder,, HI, USA:

"Using a Mac without PopChar is like driving a BMW only in first gear or playing a piano with one hand. I believe all of our Mac customers should own a copy of PopChar. I know I cannot live without mine. Even on Tiger."

All fonts are at least 8 bits and keyboards are 5-6 bits (47 keys). PopChar allows users to access the full character set on regular fonts and is indispensable for accessing symbol fonts.

PopChar has been the most useful utility for MacOS since its creation. Why Apple has not incorporated PopChar in its OS is beyond me."

Judy Tuccinardi, Mt. Airy, MD, USA:

"I downloaded and installed Pop Char X and I love it! It is great in either operating system but the one for OSX is the best! I like how I can choose what font and see the choices for the symbols. Good work!"

Damien Barrett (in his blog at TUAW):

"There are a few applications that increase my productivity to the point where, after awhile, I can't work without them. ... When it comes to working on a desktop publishing project for days on end, nothing increases my productivity more than Ergonis' PopChar X. ... If you haven't ever tried PopChar, I encourage to do so now. For me, it's truly one of the great applications for Mac users."

Erwin Heiser (Pilates Works), Antwerp, Belgium:

"A really great update while keeping the app nice and light! I use Popchar all the time as I translate a lot between english and spanish. Popchar is the one essential utility for my work."

Herb Schulsinger, ACN Emeritus, Valinda, CA, USA:

"Over the years, I have downloaded and bought many applications for the Mac, beginning with System 7 all the way up through OS X, and PopChar has consistently been one of the best. I have used it since version 1.0 and it gets better and more useful with each successive update. Your tech support has always been top-notch, as well. Many thanks for making PopChar one of the most useful pieces of software for the Mac."

DeeAnne K Lau, Colorado Springs, CO, USA:

"I love your products - PopChar, Typinator, KeyCue. The new installation technique is absolutely wonderful! I can't say enough about it. It found the quirky place that I like to keep my PopChar application and replaced without a blink. Amazing! (Other companies' programs get all tied in knots even if my application is in the default place.)

I like all of the flexible things that PopChar can do, but what sold me on this product has always been the fact that I could count on it to find that necessary character or symbol that I couldn't find."

Christopher Beaver, Sausalito, CA, USA:

"Thank you for the latest version of PopChar X. I really appreciate that my updates were included in the original purchase price. It's a wonderful application that makes me smile every time I use it."

John Madden, Chapel Hill, NC, USA:

"I've been using PopChar ever since the days of OS Classic. Now I am using the OS X and the Windows version. This program is itself a classic of its genre. I do a scientific writing and I often need math/science symbols. PopChar is absolutely the best program of this type. The developer has been adding features at a steady rate for many years. It's solid, it does exactly what it claims to do with no fuss or bother. I highly recommend it!"

Matthias Suschka, ItsMagic Inc.,
Sarasota, FL, USA / Hamburg Germany:

"Since many years I am a PopChar freak. For me it's one of the most important tools if you are doing a lot of publishing specially in different languages, e.g., English/German with these üÖöÄäß etc. Today I only want to thank you for your continual work to make things running better. I appreciate very much that a lot of these updates were free over the last years."

Ken T. Davis, Woodland Hills, CA, USA:

"There are many other 'character finders and pickers' in all sorts of apps, but I have relied upon PopChar more than any others - consistently.

It is just the right size and it fits in just the right place on my desktop -it's unobtrusive and handy.

I have employed it countless times to insert needed characters into my writing, which I code for use on the web.

And scanning new fonts to see all the unicode characters they contain is a powerful and fun eye-catcher."

Michael Everson (Unicode expert and Publisher), Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland:

"I have been using PopChar since it was first released. Neither my Unicode work nor the typesetting I do for the books I publish would be as easy and effortless as it is with PopChar. And Ergonis just keeps making it better and better."

Art Allen, Stuart, IA, USA:

"I've used PopChar for a long time. And it just keeps getting better. Super software. Simple to use. Reasonably priced. Saves me time in little chunks that add up to a more pleasurable computing experience. The Ergonis Productivity Bundle multiplies that pleasure times three."

Sverrir Sveinsson (Typographer), Reyjavík, Iceland:

"I'd like to express my utmost graditute for your software PopChar. It has been my help and saviour since I got it, and I have been doing the most difficult work of my entire carier. I couldn't have done it without PopChar. Thank you!"

Jackie Baum, Hollister, CA, USA:

"PopChar is one of the most innovative programs around and makes finding the right symbol a 'piece of cake'! I've used it for many years and it only gets better and better! I would like to add that it is extremely gratifying to do business with a company such as yours. Obviously, customer satisfaction is a big part of your company policy."

Shuey Wolfe, Niceville, FL, USA:

"There are not many products that I would endorse, but PopChar X, like it's predecessors is deserving of any and all praise it receives. Infrequently used special characters are always just a click away. It's a simple tool, but indispensible once you have it. I'm surprised Apple hasn't bought it from you yet to include it with their next OS release! Thanks for PopChar, it is a great tool!"

Arleen Lopez, Davenport, IA, USA:

"I loved this utility from the moment I found it 10 years ago as a free product. I am glad it is still available and it is well worth the price. Thank you for making easy use of my Mac even easier!!!"

Jaddie Dodd, Burford, GA, USA:

"I really love this product. I got FontBook for free with my purchase of Suitcase, but PopChar is really the bulldog app for setting alternate characters."

Stanley Salmons, Emeritus Professor University of Liverpool, UK:

"Congratulations on PopChar! You've done a wonderful job and made a super little application even more valuable and user-friendly."

Martin Berg (Associate Professor, University of Washington), Seattle, WA, USA:

"I have tried PopChar, and you were correct in predicting that I would be impressed! Good work!"

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