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PopChar Win is the Windows sibling of the famous PopChar X utility, which has been available on the Macintosh for many years. It is the ideal tool for quickly and easily inserting special keyboard characters such as accent marks and umlauts.

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Alexander Falk, President & CEO of Altova, Inc, Marblehead, MA, USA:

"I used to use PopChar all the time some 15+ years ago on the Mac, but they now have a Windows version as well, and it is just so much more powerful and useful than CharMap. ...

If you need to type special characters frequently, if you work a lot with Unicode, or if you need character entities in HTML and XML, then you should definitely give PopChar a try.

PopChar is quite affordable at € 29.99 per machine (with quantity discounts available)"
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Windows Marketplace:

"Well no more timewasting! I can just click on the start-up icon and choose the character i want in mere seconds! I love this program!!!"


"PopChar Win is a simple but amazing tool! My compliments - the Windows version is as impressive as the MacOS version! It works fine and is an execellent tool for whoever wants to insert special characters."

3D2F Smart Review:

"PopChar makes it extremely easy to locate and paste special characters into your texts." 3D2F editors have called the program "the best among the like."

CAP Studio:

"I know PopChar from the good old Mac times. It's still available, and luckily even on Windows nowadays. ... To sum up - it's a slick and felicitous solution to search for special characters in a font and to insert those characters." (Review in German)

"This product is amazing! how many times have i been looking how to insert that one special character like Ñ."

Neat Net Tricks

"For those who frequently use symbols, mathematical equations, or non-English characters in their writing, this is a must-have program."

User testimonials

Manny Nosowsky, San Francisco, CA, USA:

"The 2.2 upgrade in PopChar Win has made an easy-to-use program even better. Typing macrons for my on-line Latin class used to be such a chore, but no more and especially not with this last upgrade. Now it's a snap to type the vowels cum macrons when appropriate, and they are now more available than ever; all it took was a couple of hours of use to become totally familiar with the program. Terrific product."

Martin Conrad, Educator, CO, USA:

"Couldn't function without my PopChar!

I wouldn't have thought you could improve a perfect product, but you did it! The new version is even better than the previous one."

John Madden, Chapel Hill, NC, USA:

"I've been using PopChar ever since the days of OS Classic. Now I am using the OS X and the Windows version. This program is itself a classic of its genre. I do a scientific writing and I often need math/science symbols. PopChar is absolutely the best program of this type. The developer has been adding features at a steady rate for many years. It's solid, it does exactly what it claims to do with no fuss or bother. I highly recommend it!"

Gary Kinner, Fineline Graphics, Garfield, NJ, USA:

"PopChar 2 is awesome. I recently downloaded version 2.0 – what an amaze. I suggest this program to anyone on Windows. Price is reasonable and the quality of use is definitely there! And for tech help - quick and easy like it should be!"

Harvey Houghton (retired teacher and University of Toronto lecturer), Toronto, Canada:

"PopChar remains one of the most useful and superb programmes ever!!!"

Dwight Stewart, Heidelberg, Germany:

I've used PopChar since the early 90's, first on a Mac and now (2007) on a PC. There just isn't anything else available which works as well or is as user friendly. Most certainly not the Windows Character Map. PopChar is essential software on my computer, especially since I'm an American living in Europe where special characters are commonplace.

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