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MacWorld, August 2006:

KeyCue received a 4.5-Mice rating in the August 2006 edition of MacWorld magazine.

Dan Frakes says in his review, "KeyCue is extremely useful. I've also found it to be a great 'cheat sheet' that actually helps me learn the shortcuts."


"It seems almost trivial to note that this program only gives you shortcuts which you can get yourself by checking the menus - but this would be a mistake. KeyCue is useful precisely because it does the obvious; most of us learn a few keyboard shortcuts for an app the first few times we use it, but after that we rarely bother to extend our knowledge despite the fact that it might save us time; or how often have you sat there with your finger on the command key trying to remember a shortcut that has momentarily slipped your memory.

KeyCue solves the problem because if you can't remember or you want to extend your shortcut knowledge you only have to press the command key for a second or so for a window to come up and show you all the shortcuts of the app you're using."


"With KeyCue, Ergonis again presents a piece of well-engineered software. The program shows no weaknesses and does its job in a consistent and functional manner. Beginners, switchers as well as keyboard junkies will enjoy this product." (Review in German)


"Simply Superb. And at a bargain price too."

"One of the biggest things that I found different about switching from PC to Mac is the usefulness of keyboard shortcuts. The only problem I have found with using keyboard shortcuts is finding the ones that I want to use. All of this got much quicker and easier when I found out about KeyCue."

"Saves time! I finaly use shortcuts and they are in front of my eyes. This is simple and briliant, don't have to use your mouse at all for day-to-day apps (emails, text editors etc.) and don't need to remember shortcuts for each application. Saves your valuable time. Worth every penny!"

Marcel Dufresne, MaUsE DoubleClick, Ontario, Canada

Marcel reviewed PopChar X, Typinator, and KeyCue for his Mac user group. Read the full review and "see why I have been using them for such a long time and could not do without."


KeyCue received "Four Cows" from Tucows.

Jim Cole
Jacksonville, FL

"You may not have initiated a search for a utility that does what KeyCue does, but after using it, you'll probably wonder how you lived without it. KeyCue provides you with instant access to the keyboard shortcuts available to you for the program in the forefront. You no longer have to call on the program's help files, or search its menus; with a touch of a key, the keyboard shortcuts are presented to you. KeyCue is simple, lean, but not intrusive - it's there when you need it. Like its companions in Ergonis' Productivity Bundle, PopChar X and Typinator, KeyCue is exquisitely designed, well supported and conveniently fits a unique niche in the realm of Mac Utilities. KeyCue, and its Ergonis Productivity Bundle siblings, exemplify what you want in utility applications - efficient functionality, not glitz and glamour in its place."

IT Enquirer:

"Don’t call KeyCue 8 just another cheat sheet! It’s an extensible command centre for people who can’t memorise the thousands of shortcuts across applications, who want to add their own and want to access app commands without having to drag the mouse to a menu option."

"We aren’t going to lie – watching us work Mac OS X is a work of art. Windows fly and are suddenly resized, commands open apps and the mouse rarely sees any action except when it comes to multi-touch functions. Yet, no matter how it breaks down – we rely the most on a single key, the command key. In fact, we aren’t sure what we would do without it; yet, Ergonis Software decided to tell us what we were missing. We didn’t think it was possible, but we have learned a whole collection of shortcuts thanks to KeyCue."


"This week's Pick of the Week is chosen primarily for it's unique premise - KeyCue is a way to see every existing keyboard shortcut for the currently active application.

Using KeyCue couldn't be any easier - double-click it to launch it, then just press and hold Command. After a couple seconds (the delay is configurable), the KeyCue menu pops to the foreground, showing all the active app's shortcuts.

I thought it was a unique concept, and one that could definitely help you learn the shortcut keys in a hurry, so I thought it deserved a spot as a Pick of the Week."

MacCompanion, August 2004: 

"KeyCue is an easy to install and use utility designed to find and remember applications menu shortcuts."

MacWorld, August 2004:

KeyCue received a 4-Mice rating in the August 2004 edition of MacWorld magazine.

User testimonials

Kemer Thomson, CA, USA:

"Bravo on KeyCue 8! I’ve had it installed since version 5 or 6: I have always liked it, but tended to forget about it after a while. I think the new features make it more compelling for more frequent use."

DeeAnne K Lau, Colorado Springs, CO, USA:

"I love your products - PopChar, Typinator, KeyCue. The new installation technique is absolutely wonderful! I can't say enough about it. It found the quirky place that I like to keep my PopChar application and replaced without a blink. Amazing! (Other companies' programs get all tied in knots even if my application is in the default place.)

I like having KeyCue being there all the time with a press and hold of the apple/command key whenever I need to know what are the key combinations available to me. As I get older, I just can't remember all of those nifty key combinations, and it's so much easier to have it on-screen than on a sheet of paper or in a menu."

Joel M. Sciamma (Inventor), Surrey, England:

"I have been using KeyCue for three years on Tiger and Leopard with no problems and the latest version allows me to see all my application and QuicKeys shortcuts at the same time, which is brilliant. QuicKeys became an indispensable utility for me back in the Classic OS days and remains so now. KeyCue is the only practical way to quickly see what shortcuts are available in any given context across the application, system and QuicKeys domains simultaneously, in an attractive and easy way - well worth the fee for me."

Ian Tromp, Birmingham, England:

"I just want to say how delighted I am with KeyCue. I've run it for a year now, and it was a tremendous help in coming to know and get the best from OS X after 25 years of Windows/Microsoft computing (plus a year of Linux). And I feel your licensing arrangement is very generous – I have now gone through two major point upgrades all for the price of my one license. I am very grateful."

"I got KeyCue through a MacUpdate Promo last year, but never really used it. After installing version 8, I took the time to dig a little deeper into his functionalities and found out how great this app is.

As opposite to, I guess, most users, KeyCue doesn’t serve me as something to learn and remember keyboard shortcuts, but instead as a faster way to get access to all of them by using simultaneously the mouse and the keyboard. I’ve even added my Mail Act-On rules (and I have a lot) to “My Shortcuts” and now I can use them all by tapping a single key."

Michael Hyatt (President and COO of Thomas Nelson Publishers), TN, USA:

"I highly recommend it. I guarantee it will make you more productive!

I hate using my computer’s mouse. Every time I have to take my hand off the keyboard to reach for it, I suffer a slight decline in productivity. That’s why I try to memorize every keyboard shortcut I can. It just makes me more productive.

Up until now, this has required an up-front investment in learning each program’s shortcut keys. However, I recently stumbled across KeyCue. This is an amazing way to learn shortcuts and is only a keystroke away. I find myself using it all the time."

Art Allen, Stuart, IA, USA:

"What's the point of a shortcut if you have to hunt through application menus to find the particular one you need. KeyCue to the rescue. Super software. Simple to use. Reasonably priced. Saves me time in little chunks that add up to a more pleasurable computing experience. The Ergonis Productivity Bundle multiplies that pleasure times three."

James Powell (MacTipsAndTricks), Lincoln, UK:

"I love shortcuts. They make my life so much easier and much more efficient. Hence why they are called shortcuts. But learning shortcuts is hard. You can either read the documentation or go through every single menu options until you find something you need. Even better you can find them from me. One of the best applications I have found and has vastly become one of my favorites is KeyCue from ergonis."

Tom Donaldson, Brookings, OR, USA:

"I've only been using KeyCue for ten minutes and already I think it is one of the greatest little apps ever! Apple should pay you big bucks and include it in their operating system."

Jim Neumann (Electronic Prepress Technician), MI, USA:

"I have worked on Macs in Electronic Prepress for many years and am considered the local Mac Tech-Weenie at work. But within 30 seconds of running KeyCue, I found several things I didn't even know were available in OSX. It took me less than 5 minutes to decide to buy this software. Amazing job!"

Kelly Baker (Web/Graphic Designer, The Other Agency), Boston, MA, USA:

"This is a great teaching aid for anyone wanting to increase productivity. I've been looking for a product like this for quite some time. Key commands are by far the most underused function of any program or operating system. It kills me to see people who still use menus to navigate through programs. Now I'll just tell them to use KeyCue. Your product is well worth the money."

Tim Cox (Physicist), Geneva, Switzerland:

"This should be part of Mac OS X itself. Great idea!"

James Buerk, Platteville, CO, USA:

"KeyCue is such a simple idea but is so useful. I'm surprised Apple hasn't bought it up."

David Steiner (Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, retired USAF), CO, USA:

"I found excellent shortcuts with the very first key press. A great program. Thanks!"

Darren Wheatley, Wiltshire, UK:

"KeyCue is a fantastic product that has transformed the way I use my Mac. As a relatively new Mac user this has improved my productivity significantly!"

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