Step 1: Download

Thank you for downloading KeyCue. If your download does not begin shortly, please click this alternative link.

The download process should result in a file named "KeyCueNN-Install.dmg", where "NN" stands for the version number.

Once you have mounted the disk image, simply double-click the KeyCue icon to install and launch KeyCue.

Step 2: Get your license key

In order to activate KeyCue's full functionality you need a valid license key.

You can buy a license key directly from our online store. For any questions concerning your order, please contact our customer service.

All our products are available for evaluation before purchase. As long as you do not have a license key, KeyCue operates in trial mode and occasionally displays a registration reminder instead of the shortcut table.

When you receive your license key, enter it in KeyCue's Registration window. The trial limitation will be removed immediately.

Step 3: Enjoy and stay in touch

We hope that you will enjoy using our products.

If you encounter any difficulties or just want to let us know what you like, dislike or want to see in a future version, please contact our customer service.

We are always happy to hear back from our customers. This is really great and motivates us to continue improving our products.

If you want to read what other customers think about KeyCue, we invite you to visit our Testimonials page.

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