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PopChar - easily type special characters and umlauts
PopChar X (for Mac OS X) - the better Character Palette
PopChar Win (for Windows) - the better Character Map
KeyCue - the menu shortcut "cheat sheet"
Typinator - your Typing Automator
Products - Tips Overview
10 reasons to download PopChar character map
Astrological signs
Boilerplate usage on Mac OS X
Chinese letters on your computer
Download fonts
FileMaker functions made easy
Free fonts
French accent marks and characters
German letters - umlauts and the eszett
Hebrew, Arabic, and Cyrillic TrueType fonts
How to cite efficiently
How to type Chinese symbols on your computer
Increase productivity
Insert text and images - save time with Typinator
Keyboard shorcuts on Mac OS X
Mac shortcuts
Need a better character map?
PAD editor - PAD file
Phonetic symbols for English and other languages
PopChar - the easy ASCII character map
Promote Shareware
Punctuation – apostrophes versus quotation marks
Quotation marks
Shareware - how to upload to download sites
Shortcut keys
Spanish accent marks and the Spanish tilde
Spell checker for Mac OS X
Text templates on Mac OS X
Text expander - tools for the accelerated work flow
The "Apple key" a.k.a "Command key"
TrueType fonts and PopChar
Typing Greek letters on your computer
Typing Spanish characters
Umlaut domain
Unicode character map
Unicode fonts
Using Alt codes to insert special characters
Using shortkeys to accelerate your Mac workflow
Using Wingdings fonts and Wingdings symbols
Windows Character Map vs. PopChar for Windows
Writing Chinese characters on your PC
Writing Japanese characters
Writing Spanish letters
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