PopChar Win 2.1 – software to simplify working with foreign characters

Hagenberg, Austria, February 14th, 2006. Ergonis Software has released PopChar Win version 2.1 for Windows 95/8, ME, NT 3.x/4.x, 2000 and XP; a quickly accessible solution for entering special characters, accents and foreign letters directly into any document.

Continued expansion in worldwide usage of the web has resulted in communication between different countries being at an all-time high. Sending printed correspondence, emails, files and documents across the globe has become the norm.

It has therefore become common to use words and names in other languages that have special characters and umlauts. Using them correctly in Windows can often prove to be tricky, as the Windows Character Map software is a basic and awkward tool to work with.

The solution chosen by many is to simply ignore the extra characters and umlauts, but these characters are not an optional addition or decoration. By leaving them out, the word is misspelt, and sometimes the meaning can change entirely.

PopChar Win allows the Windows user to quickly and easily insert the desired characters straight into the document or application they are working with. Without fuss, without having to copy and paste, without complications, and with no risk of making mistakes.

When a special character is needed, the user simply clicks the system tray icon, selects the character of choice, then this is instantly placed into the document.

Usage of PopChar Win makes correspondence more professional, as the user no longer has to email customers or friends and write their names or addresses incorrectly. PopChar Win also allows the user to easily type characters that don't appear anywhere on their keyboard. Meaning no more unintentional spelling mistakes and perceived sloppiness.

Version 2.1 allows the user to configure the number of highlighted recent characters and the number of recent fonts used. PopChar Win is also now fully internationalized, and is available in German and English. A free trial version of either version may be downloaded from the company website.

PopChar Win version 2.1 costs $29.99 and may be purchased securely from the ergonis software website at http://www.ergonis.com. Enterprise and multi-user licenses are available upon request. Further details and a free trial version of PopChar Win may be found at http://www.ergonis.com.

About ergonis software

Ergonis Software develops ergonomic and intuitive software that boosts the productivity of Mac and PC users. The Macintosh products of ergonis software are distributed under the brand name macility. Ergonis Software, a privately held company founded in 2002, is headquartered in Hagenberg, Austria.

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