Ergonis Software’s Typinator: Say "Hasta La Vista" to repetitive typing tasks

Hagenberg, Austria: June 21, 2005 – Ergonis Software® today released Typinator™ 1.0 for Mac OS X. Typinator, a typing automator, enables users to rapidly insert text or graphics into any type of application. Like PopChar™, Ergonis Software’s widely used tool for inserting special characters into text, Typinator’s intuitive interface and ease-of-use result in immediate productivity gains, even for non-technical users.

Everyone, from office worker to executive, has experienced the tedium of repetitive, robotic typing. Even more frustrating are the errors that creep into re-typed text. While some applications, like word processors, may offer some typing automation, the support does not extend to other software applications. Developers face similar frustrations, especially when using multiple development environments.

Typinator speeds repetitive typing tasks and eliminates manually introduced errors. To set up an often-used text or image in Typinator, you simply define an abbreviation along with its replacement text or image. When you enter the abbreviation in any application, Typinator automatically expands it.

For business users, Typinator provides a layer of operational consistency and productivity across heterogeneous applications. A standard customer service response, a signature image on an email, a clause in a contract – each of these can be inserted into an application with just a couple of keystrokes. For technical users, Typinator automates typing of code and the implementation of documentation standards.

Two additional Typinator features greatly increase its practical value. You can define replacement text that contains an automatic insertion of the current date and time in any format you specify. Creating an order acknowledgement or shipping confirmations with this feature is a snap. You can also define abbreviations that are case sensitive, so that the replacement text will appear correctly at either the beginning or elsewhere in a sentence.

Pricing and Availability

Typinator 1.0 is available for Mac OS X 10.3 or later and is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 ("Tiger"). Ergonis Software distributes its Mac products of under the Macility® brand name. Visit the Macility web site at to learn more about Typinator and to download a free trial version. Typinator can be purchased securely on the web site for $19.99 (US). Enterprise and multi-user licenses are available upon request.

About ergonis software

Ergonis Software develops ergonomic and intuitive software that boosts the productivity of Mac and PC users. Ergonis Software, a privately held company founded in 2002, is headquartered in Hagenberg, Austria

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