easy beat 2.0 released - the easy-to-use MIDI sequencer now available for Mac OS X

Hagenberg, March-11-2004, ergonis software today announced that another piece of it's macility software collection - the popular MIDI sequencer software easy beat - has been released today in version 2.0. Starting with version 2.0 easy beat runs on (and requires) Mac OS X.

"With the introduction of GarageBand, Apple impressively demonstrated its commitment to musicians, and we couldn't be happier about that" said Christoph Reichenberger, founder and CEO of ergonis software. "This is the best possible point in time to make easy beat available for Mac OS X."

easy beat is the MIDI sequencer software for all who neither want to spend the money to purchase nor the time to climb the steep learning curve of other, huge and complicated sequencer tools.

easy beat features:

  • up to 16 tracks plus a metronome track
  • 100+ instruments and drum kits with the software synthesizer; when an external synthesizer is used, easy beat can use ALL its instruments.
  • multiple views (score, drum, keyboard, TAB, chords, controllers)
  • import and export of standard MIDI files
  • export of QuickTime movies and AIFF files
  • background music (play a song while you edit it or work with other programs)
  • single-track real-time recording (requires a MIDI adapter and a MIDI instrument)
  • stylistic variations (shuffle, emphasis, arpeggio, delay, ...)
  • high-quality score printing
  • templates for frequently used note and controller fragments

easy beat 2.0 for Mac OS X can be downloaded from: http://www.macility.com/downloads/ More information on easy beat is available from: http://www.macility.com/products/easybeat/

About easy beat

With easy beat, you can compose your songs by drawing notes or recording them with a MIDI instrument, see up to 16 tracks in multiple views, and choose from more than 100 instruments. You can print the score and tabulature, add effects and variations, listen to your song using using the built-in software synthesizer or an external synthesizer.

As its name suggests, easy beat is music for the Mac as it should be: powerful, yet easy to use. Instead of the usual tool-based user interface, easy beat uses a simple and intuitive point-and-click technique. Adding, selecting, moving, copying notes - all these operations are done with simple mouse gestures.

Pricing and Availability

All macility products are distributed on a try-before-you-buy basis. License keys can be ordered directly from the company's web site: http://www.macility.com/store/

The price for a single user license of easy beat is US$ 89. The license includes free updates and upgrades for 2 years after the purchase. Consequently, this major upgrade to easy beat 2.0 is free for all customers who have purchased an easy beat license on or after March 1st 2002. Owners of older licenses can order an upgrade for USD$ 49. This license upgrade also includes free upgrades and updates for the next two years.

About ergonis software

ergonis software is a privately held company founded in 2002. The mission of ergonis software is to promote easy-to-use, yet powerful software. The Macintosh products of ergonis software are distributed under the brand name macility. For additional information, visit www.macility.com or send e-mail to office@macility.com.

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