KeyCue teaches Avid Technology's Pro Tools shortcuts

Hagenberg, Austria: January 30, 2013 — Ergonis Software today published extended shortcut descriptions for Avid Technology's Pro Tools. The descriptions can be imported in KeyCue 6 to reveal 189 hidden keyboard shortcuts in Pro Tools.

KeyCue is a handy tool for learning and remembering keyboard shortcuts. Whenever the command key is kept pressed for a while, KeyCue displays a table with all keyboard shortcuts available in the currently active application. Previously, the application shortcuts shown by KeyCue were limited to those that appear in menus. However, many applications offer further hidden shortcuts that are listed only in help documents or printed manuals. Starting with version 6, KeyCue supports user-definable custom shortcut descriptions to reveal these hidden commands. KeyCue merges the additional shortcut descriptions with the shortcuts found in the menus to show the most comprehensive keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet ever.

The new shortcut descriptions have been created by Victor Figueiredo, a fellow KeyCue user, who shares his set with the KeyCue community free of charge. "Having used Pro Tools for 15 years, I've managed to learn many shortcuts which I know by heart now. If you record a lot, the first ones to learn are for the transport (this is why Pro Tools users dig keyboards with num pads). If you edit a lot, you probably live in Keyboard Focus mode. But what if you do both plus MIDI edits and mixing, how do you go about learning 200 keyboard shortcuts?" asks Victor Figueiredo, mixing/recording engineer, and long time Brazilian Mac user.

Victor continues: "KeyCue to the rescue! Not only this app reads all of Pro Tools' menu items shortcuts and displays them in a neat list, since version 6 it lets users define custom shortcut descriptions, blowing a multitude of Pro Tools' shortcuts out in the open! No more digging through Pro Tools Shortcuts Guide or Reference in search for buried and less known shortcuts; if you find a missing or undocumented shortcut just enter it in KeyCue, and the next time you fire it up - via a convenient press and hold of a key - it will sit right in front of you, so you can memorize it faster. It's like having a Shortcuts Assistant Engineer! Now I can confidently state that Pro Tools is an instrument that I play - if not with my eyes closed - with my ears wide open. The thing about shortcuts is that they not only speed up your editing and recording workflows, once they're in your veins, they become an extension of your creativity. This is what motivated me to build this list, so I could free myself of the theory and get pragmatic about my projects. Aided by KeyCue, I can refer to any shortcut I do not yet know and get right back to the music. And since Ergonis is open to the sharing of such user created shortcut list, hopefully you'll be able to do the same."

Besides the new shortcut descriptions for Pro Tools, similar add-ons are available for Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. All these plus a collection of system-wide shortcuts can be downloaded from

The productivity paradox of keyboard shortcuts is that shortcuts were designed to increase productivity. However, productivity actually decreases when applications provide large numbers of shortcuts, in particular when the shortcuts are defined inconsistently across applications. KeyCue’s elegantly simple solution is to display an instant overview of currently available keyboard shortcuts – application-specific menu shortcuts as well as system-wide hotkeys and user-defined shortcut descriptions. Over time, KeyCue users will automatically remember frequently used shortcuts and start working more efficiently.

KeyCue has already received many awards, including a 4.5-Mice award from MacWorld magazine.

Availability and Ordering

The shortcut descriptions mentioned in this release are not functional as stand-alone tools, but require a licensed version of KeyCue 6.0 or newer. KeyCue 6 requires Mac OS X version 10.5.8 or newer and is fully compatible with OS X Lion.

KeyCue can be purchased securely on the Ergonis Software website. See the company's web site for information about purchases, including enterprise licenses, volume discounts, and upgrade pricing offers.

Instead of purchasing KeyCue by itself, customers can get the Macility Productivity Bundle that also contains two of the company's other productivity tools, PopChar X and Typinator.

Instead of purchasing KeyCue by itself, customers can get the Macility Productivity Bundle that also contains two of the company's other productivity tools, PopChar X and Typinator.

About Ergonis Software

Ergonis Software develops ergonomic and intuitive software that boosts the productivity of Mac and PC users. Ergonis Software, a privately held company founded in 2002, is headquartered in Hagenberg, Austria.

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