macility(tm) – new source for high-quality easy-to-use Macintosh software

Hagenberg, May-17-2002, ergonis software announced macility(tm), a new brand for high-quality easy-to-use Macintosh software.

ergonis software was founded in March 2002 by Christoph Reichenberger, the author of the award-winning version organizer VOODOO Personal and former product manager of UNI SOFTWARE PLUS' Macintosh product line, in cooperation with Günther Blaschek, the author of PopChar Pro and easy beat. The mission of ergonis software is to promote easy-to-use, yet powerful software.

"I believe many of today's software systems are too complicated for the users' needs. With the user in mind, it is our goal to build software that solves problems in a user-friendly, ergonomic way, instead of burying the usability under tons of questionable features," said Christoph Reichenberger, founder and CEO of ergonis software. "VOODOO Personal, easy beat, and Popchar Pro, which were distributed by UNI SOFTWARE PLUS up to now, are the first pieces of our macility software collection. We will continue to support and improve these products and have great plans and ideas for the future. The first new utility in our macility product line is PopChar X, the Mac OS X sibling of PopChar Pro. I am proud to announce the availabilty of PopChar Pro for Mac OS X today."

"As a computer scientist and human/computer interface expert, I was always surprised why so many software products have to be so unwieldy and difficult to use. In cooperation with ergonis and macility, we will demonstrate that software can be both powerful and easy to use. Our products will continue to make life easier for Macintosh users," said Günther Blaschek, professor at the Johannes Kepler University of Linz. "Mac first, Mac only - this has always been our motto, and this is also what macility stands for. It's great to have such an ambitious partner to cooperate with."

As of today, VOODOO Personal, easy beat, and PopChar Pro are distributed by ergonis software as part of the macility software collection. ergonis software will now be handling all sales and technical support for current, and future versions of these products.

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