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If you have any questions that are not answered on this site, please do not hesitate to contact us.

However, before contacting our technical support department, please visit the product-specific FAQ pages.

EMail Support

E-mail is the best way to reach our technical support and customer service departments.

We offer separate e-mail addresses for technical support and customer service for every single product.

Please make sure to send your message to the appropriate address. This ensures to get the fastest possible reply.

If you don't know to whom to address your question, send it to office@ergonis.com, and your message will be re-directed to the most appropriate party.

Frequently Asked Questions

These pages answer frequently asked questions concerning our products.

Before contacting our support, we encourage you to visit the corresponding page to see whether your question has already been answered there.

questions concerning please visit
PopChar X (for Macintosh) FAQs for PopChar X
PopChar Win (for Windows) FAQs for PopChar Win
Typinator FAQs for Typinator
KeyCue FAQs for KeyCue

Technical Support

We offer free technical support for our products.

If you have any problems or technical questions about one of our products, please use the product-related e-mail address shown in the opposite table to contact us.

technical questions concerning please contact
PopChar X (for Macintosh) popchar-support@ergonis.com
PopChar Win (for Windows) popcharwin-support@ergonis.com
Typinator typinator-support@ergonis.com
KeyCue keycue-support@ergonis.com

Customer Service

If you have any sales-related questions about one of our products, please use the e-mail addresses shown in the opposite table.

We do our best to answer your questions as quickly as possible, but please note that we live and work in the Middle European time zone. Usually, you can expect a reply within the same or next business day.

sales questions concerning please contact
PopChar X (for Macintosh) popchar@ergonis.com
PopChar Win (for Windows) popcharwin@ergonis.com
Typinator typinator@ergonis.com
KeyCue keycue@ergonis.com
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