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All our products are available for evaluation before purchase. Trial versions have some limitations or bring up a registration reminder screen from time to time.

If you find out that the product meets your requirements, please purchase a license key directly from our Online Store or by contacting our customer service.

Latest release versions

product version system requirements size
PopChar X 9.4
Release notes
Mac OS X 10.10
or newer
6.3 MB Download PopChar X
PopChar Win 8.8
Release notes
Windows 7, 8 10, or 11 5.8 MB Download PopChar Win
KeyCue 10.1
Release notes
Mac OS X 10.10
or newer
5.7 MB Download KeyCue
Typinator 8.13
Release notes
Mac OS X 10.10
or newer
10.8 MB Download Typinator

Best practice to install or update PopChar, KeyCue, and Typinator

Installing for the first time

All our Mac products come with a "smart self installation" technique that makes installing and updating a breeze. Just mount the downloaded disk image and double-click the application icon inside. It will quit an older copy that may be running, copy itself to the Applications folder and launch the newly installed copy. There is no magic involved: You could do all this by hand as well with drag & drop. Double-clicking the application in the disk image just simplifies and automates the process and gets you up and running in seconds.

Updating an existing version

When the built-in update checker tells you that a new version is available, just click the "Download and Install" button. This downloads and launches the installer for the new version. The installer will tell you once more whether the new version requires a newer license.

Alternatively you can also perform the same steps as described above ("Installing for the first time").


You don't need to take extra steps. In fact, we strongly recommend to avoid extra work:

  • Do not quit your old copy, if it is currently running. This is not necessary. When an older copy is already running, this even tells the installer in which location the new version should be installed.
  • Do not move the old version to the trash by hand. This can even cause strange behavior, when you attempt to move an active application to the trash.

CautionIMPORTANT: DO NOT USE application-cleaning tools (such as AppCleaner, AppDelete, AppTrap, AppZapper, CleanApp, CleanMyMac, iTrash, TrashMe, and similar apps) to remove the old application version before installing the new one. These tools erase all application data and preferences. Just update as described above to preserve all your personal settings.

For further information, please see our Tips page on how to best update Ergonis Software macOS products.

Previous and future versions

Previous versions

If your computer does not meet the system requirements specified above, you may find an older compatible version in our software archive.

Before using an older version, we recommend that you check out our compatibility page to find out which versions of our products are compatible with your macOS version.

Please note, that we do not offer support for older releases.

Future versions

If you’re interested in seeing what the future holds in store for our products, we invite you to download and test pre-release beta/preview versions of our products.

Beta versions are pre-release versions of our products that have passed many internal tests without encountering serious problems. We nevertheless recommend that you back up your system and your valuable documents regularly before and during using a beta version.

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