Ergonis Software News

2015-07-14: PopChar Win 7: Find characters by drawing their shapes

2015-03-19: Celebrate 10 years of Typinator with new version 6.6 and a discount on all Ergonis products

2014-11-25: PopChar X 7.1 offers extended support for emoji characters and an improved installer

2015-04-21: KeyCue 7.5 can omit shortcuts and offers improved installer

2015-03-19: Typinator 6.5 handles smart substitutions even smarter

2015-02-03: PopChar Win 6.4 supports Unicode 7.0 and shows characters in Unicode context

2015-01-15: Typinator 6.4 adds support for nested expansions

2014-12-17: Typinator 6.3 finds recently used expansions

2014-11-25: PopChar X 7: Find characters by drawing their shapes

2014-10-14: KeyCue 7.3 welcomes Yosemite with new Tenaya theme

2014-09-23: Typinator 6.2 adds powerful functions based on regular expressions

2014-08-19: PopChar X 6.6 supports Unicode 7.0 and shows characters in Unicode context.

2014-07-17: Typinator 6.1 comes with 20 enhancements beyond 6.0

2014-06-17: Typinator 6 - with more than 50 improvements the best text expander ever

2014-05-27: KeyCue 7.2 integrates visible and invisible keyboard shortcuts

2014-04-15: With version 5.9, Ergonis Software is preparing for Typinator 6

2014-03-20: PopChar X 6.5 - the versatile font utility just got better

2014-03-05: PopChar Win 6.3 prints beautiful font sheets

2014-01-13: Typinator 5.8 suggests matching snippets as you type

2013-12-10: PopChar X 6.4 - leaner, faster, and smoother on OS X Mavericks

2013-11-26: Black Friday: Save 30% and more on PopChar, Typinator, and KeyCue

2013-11-05: KeyCue 7.1 - search mouseless for keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys

2013-10-29: PopChar Win 6.2 shows detailed information about your fonts

2013-10-09: KeyCue 7.0 - search for menu commands with fresh look and customizable themes

2013-09-24: Typinator 5.7 enhances dynamic input fields with default values

2013-08-29: KeyCue 6.6 gets ready for OS X Mavericks

2013-08-13: PopChar Win 6.1 - the versatile font tool just got better

2013-07-23: Typinator 5.6 inserts pictures in plain text and gets ready for Mavericks

2013-07-08: PopChar Win 6.0 - the versatile font tool now also for Windows

2013-06-25: PopChar X 6.3 helps to find font files

2013-05-21: KeyCue 6.5 teaches Sibelius shortcuts and offers usability enhancements

2013-04-23: Typinator 5.5 - powerful text expansions with embedded calculations

2013-03-19: PopChar X 6.2 with simpler search and other usability improvements

2013-02-19: KeyCue, the keyboard shortcut cheat sheet - now in the menu bar

2013-02-13: Speed up FileMaker 12 development with Typinator function snippets

2011-10-27: KeyCue teaches Avid Technology's Pro Tools shortcuts

2013-01-23: PopChar Win 5.5 runs smoothly on Windows 8

2012-12-18: Typinator 5.4 offers versatile import and export of text snippets

2012-11-27: PopChar X 6.1 shows detailed information about your fonts

2012-11-13: Typinator 5.3 fills entire forms with just one snippet

2012-09-18: Typinator and KeyCue now fully compatible with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

2012-09-10: PopChar evolves from a plain character picker to a versatile font tool

2012-08-29: PopChar Win 5.4 supports Unicode 6.1 and offers further improvements

2012-06-26: KeyCue 6.2 offers hands-free mode and comes with new themes

2012-05-29: Typinator 5.1 enriches text expansion with interactive input fields

2012-05-08: KeyCue teaches hidden Adobe Illustrator shortcuts

2012-04-24: PopChar X 5.4 is now a universal 32/64-bit application

2012-04-10: KeyCue 6.1 now with improved support for Keyboard Maestro

2012-02-21: Typinator 5 converts currencies and other units of measure as you type

2012-02-14: PopChar Win 5.3 adds support for font styles

2012-01-19: Typinator 5 = Text expansion + scripts + includes + calculator + ...

2011-10-27: KeyCue 6 reveals hidden keyboard shortcuts

2011-09-27: Make best use of Lion's Apple Color Emoji font with PopChar X 5.3 and Typinator

2011-08-23: Nearly 50 enhancements make Typinator smoother than ever

2011-08-02: PopChar Win 5.2 features fine-tuned display of individual fonts

2011-07-26: With KeyCue 5.4, all Ergonis products are now ready for Lion

2011-06-28: KeyCue gets an optional legend for keyboard symbols

2011-06-21: Free Typinator text snippets with over 100 000 ZIP codes released

2011-05-10: Details make a difference: New Typinator comes with 35 enhancements

2011-04-12: PopChar X 5.2 features fine-tuned display of individual fonts

2011-02-08: PopChar Win 5.1 supports Unicode 6.0 and offers easier installation

2011-01-11: Typinator 4.3 allows quick creation of snippets via hotkeys

2010-12-07: KeyCue 5.2 now lists iKey shortcuts

2010-11-16: Typinator 4.2 offers improved compatibility with Mac OS X 10.6.5 and more

2010-11-11: PopChar helps European Union offices to deal with linguistic diversity

2010-11-02: PopChar X 5.1 supports Unicode 6.0 and offers improved functionality

2010-10-12: PopChar Win 5.0 adds user-defined character and font favorites

2010-08-18: Typinator 4.1 simplifies creation of text expansions with presets

2010-07-27: KeyCue, the keyboard shortcuts helper, gets a maintenance release

2010-07-13: SharewarePublisher 1.4 improves Snow Leopard compatibility

2010-07-06: PopChar Win 4.4 allows installation without administrator privileges

2010-06-15: PopChar X 5.0 offers fastest possible access to special characters

2010-05-18: SharewarePublisher 1.3 streamlines software submissions to download sites

2010-05-04: Typinator 4 adds "QuickSearch" - it's like Spotlight for text snippets, just faster

2010-04-26: PopChar Win 4.3 offers font search by category and character

2010-04-08: Ergonis Software aus Hagenberg feiert "binäres Millenium" mit neuem Webauftritt

2010-03-30: KeyCue 5 offers API to developers for uncovering invisible keyboard shortcuts

2010-01-12: Typinator 3.7 offers quicker access to text snippets and eases installation process

2009-11-24: PopChar X 4.3 supports font collections and improves Snow Leopard compatibility

2009-10-14: PopChar Win 4.2 runs on Windows 7 and adds "reverse searching" for fonts

2009-09-29: Typinator 3.6 - sync your text snippets across your Macs with Dropbox

2009-09-10: SharewarePublisher is now also a full-fledged PAD editor for Mac OS X

2009-08-25: KeyCue 4.5 lets you get the most out of your QuicKeys shortcuts

2009-07-14: Ergonis Software releases SharewarePublisher 1.1 for Mac OS X

2009-06-30: Typinator 3.5 - the fastest text expander in town

2009-06-23: PopChar Win 4.1 now runs natively on 64-bit versions of Windows

2009-06-03: Shareware-Veröffentlichung in Stunden statt Tagen

2009-05-26: Ergonis Software introduces SharewarePublisher 1.0 for Mac OS X

2009-04-21: PopChar X 4.2 introduces "reverse searching" for fonts

2009-03-23: Discover and utilize system-wide keyboard shortcuts with KeyCue 4.4

2009-02-24: PopChar Win 4.0 finds and inserts special characters across font boundaries

2009-01-28: Typinator 3.4 improves compatibility with Spotlight and OmniFocus

2009-01-08: Konsequentes Internet-Marketing gegen die Wirtschaftskrise – erfolgreicher Start in das neue Jahr

2008-12-17: Typinator 3.3 adds more predefined snippets and set-specific options

2008-11-21: PopChar X 4.1.1 improves stability and compatibility with FreeHand 10

2008-11-19: KeyCue 4.3 offers user-configurable activation and other improvements

2008-10-29: PopChar X 4.1 improves compatibility with OpenOffice and NeoOffice

2008-10-15: Typinator 3.2 speeds up FileMaker development

2008-07-14: Typinator 3.1 comes with built-in HTML snippets and many improvements

2008-06-16: PopChar 4 - find and insert special characters across font boundaries

2008-06-10: PopChar Win 3.4 offers new search feature for unknown special characters

2008-06-03: HTML coding made easy with new snippets set for Typinator

2008-05-20: KeyCue 4.2 helps you learn and remember Keyboard Maestro shortcuts

2008-05-06: 16000 Neukunden in nur 2 Wochen dank internationaler Partnerschaften

2008-04-14: Typinator 3.0 now dockless - almost invisible, but always ready for use

2008-03-10: PopChar X 3.4 offers new search feature for unknown special characters

2008-02-19: KeyCue 4.1 keyboard shortcut cheat sheet now with large-print themes

2008-02-05: PopChar Win 3.3 offers new font magnifier tool and supports Unicode 5.0

2007-12-03: Ergonis Software celebrates PopChar's 20th anniversary with 25 % off

2007-11-27: Typinator 2.1 expands text snippets and auto-corrects typos now also on Leopard

2007-10-29: PopChar X 3.3 comes with new font magnifier tool and is ready for Leopard

2007-10-15: KeyCue 4.0 brings Menu Shortcuts to Life and is Ready for Leopard

2007-10-10: PopChar Win 3.2 allows even quicker access to frequently used umlauts and special characters

2007-08-28: PopChar Win 3.1.1 lets you easily type umlauts and foreign characters

2007-08-22: Massive Free AutoCorrect Dictionary Helps Typinator Correct Thousands of Typos

2007-08-13: PopChar Win 3.1 extends compatibility with AutoCad, FileMaker, FreeHand, and Photoshop

2007-06-05: Good Bye Typos - Hello Typinator 2.0! Eliminate common typos and type more text in less time

2007-05-07: PopChar X 3.2 improves Compatibility, Speed, and User Experience for Entering Special Characters

2007-03-28: All-New PopChar 3 for Windows offers Unprecedented Convenience for the Entry of Special Characters

2007-02-26: KeyCue 3.0 is up to Ten Times Faster, sports Different Themes and French Localization

2006-12-12: Typinator 1.6 — New "Whole Word" Option Boosts Productivity of the Popular Typing Automation Tool

2006-11-20: PopChar X 3.1 improves typing of special characters and adds compatibility with Apple's Pages

2006-10-31: Ergonis Software releases KeyCue 2.1 - the Cheat Sheet for Menu Shortcuts

2006-10-16: Typinator 1.5 — Faster Typing and Typo Auto-Correction for Mac OS X now available also in German

2006-10-16: Typinator 1.5 – Automatisierte Texteingabe und Tippfehlerkorrektur nun auch auf Deutsch

2006-10-11: Exclusive offer gives purchasers of PopChar X a 30% discount off Take Control font handling ebooks

2006-09-04: Ergonis Software releases Typinator 1.4.1

2006-08-22: Ergonis Software releases Typinator 1.4, the Popular Typing Automator

2006-07-19: Typinator 1.3 Boilerplate Software Types Abbreviations Natively on Intel Macs

2006-06-29: All-New PopChar 3 Blazes into Release and sets Speed Record for the Entry of Special Characters

2006-06-29: Geschwindigkeitsrekord bei der Eingabe von Sonderzeichen mit PopChar X 3.0

2006-05-10: PopChar Win 2.2 - now includes advanced integration with QuarkXPress and QuarkCopyDesk

2006-04-26: Bogged Down by Entry of Special Characters: All-New PopChar Solution Blasts Productivity Barriers

2006-04-20: The New Macility Productivity Bundle Packs Power with Value

2006-03-01: KeyCue™ 2.0 für PowerPC- und Intel-basierte Macs verfügbar

2006-02-14: PopChar Win 2.1 – software to simplify working with foreign characters

2006-01-31: KeyCue 2.0 delivers "Universal" Shortcut Productivity

2005-12-13: Typinator 1.2 released - new version offers insertion of formatted text

2005-11-29: PopChar X 2.3 Further Speeds Use of Special Characters and Fonts

2005-11-15: PopChar Win 2.0 simplifies working with foreign characters - now also available in German

2005-11-15: PopChar Win – das Produktivitätstool zur Texteingabe nun auch auf Deutsch

2005-10-18: Typinator 1.1 automates entry of repetitive text and graphics across applications

2005-09-08: KeyCue 1.1 released - Find and learn menu shortcuts

2005-06-21: Ergonis Software’s Typinator: Say "Hasta La Vista" to repetitive typing tasks

2005-06-03: Easy Beat 2.2 Packs Features at a New, Dramatically Lower Price

2005-05-24: ergonis software releases PopChar Win 1.3 with full support for Unicode Surrogates.

2005-05-10: Ergonis Software Releases Typinator Public Beta

2005-03-23: ergonis software gmbh mit dem Unternehmerpreis 2005 ausgezeichnet!

2005-02-28: ergonis software releases PopChar Win 1.2 - adding automatic font detection.

2004-10-18: PopChar X 2.2 adds automatic font detection for many popular applications

2004-09-07: PopChar Win 1.1 released - adding full Unicode support

2004-05-24: ergonis software released KeyCue 1.0 - find and learn menu shortcuts

2004-05-13: ergonis software - erfolgreich durch Spezialisierung - und dafür mehrfach ausgezeichnet

2004-05-10: Easy Beat 2.1 released - adding GarageBand export feature

2004-04-30: ergonis software announces KeyCue for Mac OS X - find and learn menu shortcuts

2004-03-11: easy beat 2.0 released - the easy-to-use MIDI sequencer now available for Mac OS X

2004-02-25: PopChar now available for Windows platforms

2003-12-04: ergonis software siegt beim österreichischen Jungunternehmerwettbewerb

2003-10-15: ergonis software beim GO! Buisnessplan-Wettbewerb erfolgreich

2003-09-17: macility PopChar X 2.1.1 prepares for Mac OS X 10.3 ("Panther")

2003-07-10: ergonis software gmbh schafft als einziges oberösterreichisches Team den i2b-Hattrick

2003-07-07: PopChar Pro 1.6 adds support for Adobe InDesign

2003-04-03: Hagenberger Softwarehaus ist mit innovativer Geschäftsidee international erfolgreich

2003-03-24: PopChar X 2.1 adds french localization and includes some improvements and fixes

2003-02-27: ergonis software überzeugt Fachjury und siegt beim Businessplan-Wettbewerb i2b

2003-01-17: PopChar X 2.0 introduces automatic font detection and localization

2002-08-05: macility PopChar X 1.2 adds Unicode support

2002-06-11: macility PopChar X 1.1 available

2002-05-17: PopChar Pro for Mac OS X available - New platform, same ease of use

2002-05-17: macility(tm) – new source for high-quality easy-to-use Macintosh software